Reid on the Road: Moving Nevada Forward

Uploaded by SenatorReid on 01.03.2011

In February I had the opportunity to travel throughout Nevada and talk about my number one priority,
creating jobs.
I kicked off the trip with my speech in the Nevada State Legislature.
I discussed with Nevada lawmakers what
we need to do to get Nevada back on track.
We need to invest in clean energy jobs,
improve our education system to train a competitive
open new doors to tourism, and improve our states image to attract new business.
this is the only way Nevada can be competitive in the 21st century global economy
and create jobs.
The question is whether we will direct our destiny or
forfeit our future.
I know our challenges are many
but our for opportunity to prosper hasn't been this rich since my father's parents came here seeking
gold and silver.
The chance is ours if so we choose.
Next I joined the leaders of the Reno Air Races to make a major announcement of the
F22 raptors’ being the headline entertainment for the 2011 National Air Race Championship
in Reno.
The National Championship Air Races will celebrate its 48th year this September.
uh... We're here today to a show our thanks for the long-time support
of our congressional representatives most said notably Senator Reid.
I feel very strongly about the importance of special events in our community.
Special events have a major impact on our region's Economy.
The event generates approximately 80,000 room nights
each year, it has a direct impact
of more than 70-million dollars into our local economy
for the one week.
And the announcement that the incredible
F22 raptors
will be present will make this event even better.
Then I travelled to Las Vegas to announce a groundbreaking for new RTC Sahara Express Line.
This will create a dedicated lane for an express bus so Las Vegas has a reliable way to get to
The project was made possible by the economic recovery act its
putting 500 Nevadans to work now.
This is a great day
for both mobility and
recovery in Las Vegas,
in Nevada,
in Clark Country.
This project here of course helps the
men and women here who are the construction workers but another thing is what it’s gunna do this entire quarter year.
Its gunna increase property values.
We are creating an urban renaissance along this important east, west corridor.
It will go from Walapi on the West to Boulder Highway on the east.
I’m glad to be here, we need a lot more of these construction projects and we’re
gunna get as many as we can as fast as we can.
Thank you all very much
Finally I had the opportunity to meet with some incredible young people at Rancho High School.
These students were active in making their community a better place and give me a lot of confidence and
hope for the future of the state of Nevada.
He told us his deepest fear,
so what’s your deepest fear?
My deepest fear
uh... we had
Manny Pacquiao came to see me in Washington.
Manny Pacquiao
is probably the greatest fighter of all time.
One of the reporters asked me:
“How long
would you last with Manny Pacquiao?” And I said: How long does it take to walk from one corner to the middle of the rink?
More seriously
we as a country can’t have states like Nevada at 50th in the nation
for state contribution education, we can’t have a manufacturing base
that is not as strong as it should be. We need to educate our young people so that we can be more competitive.
You can no longer survive very well in our
country without an education. You just can't do it. And even though with education, with
the economy being as bad as it is, aren’t doing that well. So that’s my biggest fear.
The trip proved me a number things not the least which is a we work together we can create
jobs and improve the economy in the state of Nevada.
And I so appreciate
people I met with, sharing their stories with me.