Bruce Almighty (9/9) Movie CLIP - Bruce Learns to Pray (2003) HD

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What doyou really care about?
Grace. You want her back?
l want her to be happy.
No matterwhat that means.
l want her to find someone...
who will treat her... with all the love...
she deserved from me.
l want her to meet someone...
who will see her always...
as l do now...
through your eyes.
Now, that's a prayer.
lt's good. It's good.
[ Together] It's good!
l'm gonna get right on it.
Clear! Whoa!
That didn't feel vey good.
[ Yells ] Got a rhythm.
All right. l got a pulse.
Yeah. Get the backboard and brace.
[ Chattering ]
Bruce? Bruce?
Welcome back.
You're lucky to be alive, son.
Someone up there must likeyou.
[ Grace ] l hear all that stuffwinds up in a warehouse somewhere.
Hi, baby.
Oh. Oh, my God, Iook atyou.
l was such an idiot. It's okay.
lt's okay.
lt's okay.
l don't know what l would have done.
Oh, God. [ Sniffles ]
l swear l wanted to be mad atyou forever.
Nowyou'rejust showing off.
[ Sighs ]