What's so great about faith?

Uploaded by deathray32 on 21.01.2012

Okay, there's something I have to rant about. I'm sick of everyone fawning over Tim Tebow
as if he were the most morally excellent man who ever lived, just because he parades his
religiosity on the football field whenever he is successful in some ritural where 300
pound hunks of meat throw themselves at each other.
And in general I'm sick of the idea that faith is the ultimate and supreme virtue, trumping
genuine morality and the search for knowledge.
Consider how our political leaders constantly lecture us how important it is to believe
in the supernatural, i.e. the absurd and unproven. The Republicans are outright Christian dominionists
while the Democrats embrace a phony pluralism, telling us that it's not important which set
of fairy tales we believe as long as we believe something. Anything is better than being an
atheist. The little people have to have god in their lives. Don't you find this patronizing
and insulting?
And what's so great about religious belief anyway? In my book, what makes you an ethical
person or otherwise is how you treat your fellow creatures, not how blindly you believe
some ancient dusty scroll. Believing in six impossible things before breakfast doesn't
make you a virtuous person, just a gullible one.
Also, I'm sick of people who think their supernatural beliefs should cocoon them from reality. I'm
sorry, but evolution and the big bang are facts; get over it. If your religious beliefs
conflict with scientific fact, too bad for your religious beliefs. The universe is not
going to rearrange itself to conform to your ignorance.
It's bad enough when someone believes in something irrational despite lack of evidence or even
in the face of evidence to the contrary. But when they smugly consider themselves virtuous
for their irrational belief, it makes me want to puke.
H.L. Mencken said it best: "The meaning of religious freedom, I fear, is sometimes greatly
misapprehended. It is taken to be a sort of immunity, not merely from governmental control
but also from public opinion. A dunderhead gets himself a long-tailed coat, rises behind
the sacred desk, and emits such bilge as would gag a Hottentot. Is it to pass unchallenged?
If so, then what we have is not religious freedom at all, but the most intolerable and
outrageous variety of religious despotism. Any fool, once he is admitted to holy orders,
becomes infallible. Any half-wit, by the simple device of ascribing his delusions to revelation,
takes on an authority that is denied to all the rest of us."
A lot of people had faith in Enron, and lost their life savings. A lot of people had faith
in Hitler, and committed atrocities. Faith is not a virtue. It's an abrogation of our
duty to be morally autonomous human beings who honestly seek the truth. It's a cop-out.