Wooden Spoon Crafts : Wooden Spoon Crafts: Toothpick Holder

Uploaded by expertvillage on 26.09.2008

This is my little French friend, Pierre, my toothpick holder and this how I made him.
The first thing I did is to draw the bowl of my spoon on my paper and design his face
and his beret. Actually the first thing I did was to design his beret so that I had
an idea of what I had left on the spoon for his face. Then I played around with it, came
up with his face. Worked at it until I kind of like his little nose coming out that way
and his jaunty little mouth and his little cheeks. So I designed it on paper first what
I wanted his face to look like. And then on the spoon, I marked very carefully where his
beret started on one side and where it came on the other. So after I cut it out, I knew
where to put it on the spoon. Then I cut the beret out of the paper, put it on the felt
and cut it out of the felt. Then I was ready to put his face on. So I drew his face first
with a pencil on the spoon. And then I used black marker to make his mouth, his eyes and
his nose. And I used just a little bit of pale pink for his nose and added a little
purple to it for his cheeks. Then I used the purple and the turquoise paint, purple and
the blue paint, but you can use any two colors that you would like. If I were going to use
green felt for his beret, then I'd use green and yellow paint for his little outfit here.
So you want to paint his face and paint his outfit and then you're going to take a little
clay pot and paint it a coordinating color or a contrasting color to match your little
guy here. After you've painted him, you wanted to cover both your little paint and your spoon
with some kind of a sealer and let it dry. I use Modge Podge because it's quick and it's
easy and it cleans up with water or you can use varnish. Once he's dry, you're going to
put him in your pot. Now if the spoon fits loosely, for sure, you're going to want to
do this but even if it's snug fit, you might want to take some hot glue or even some tacky
glue and put it in the hole around the edge and then insert the spoon. Then you're going
to position your little pot on the spoon about where you want it. And I put mine at a little
angle. I thought he looked kind of jaunty that way. Once I had glued the bucket on to
the spoon, then I knew where I wanted to put his arms. And for the arms, I simply wrapped
pipe cleaner around and then it rested on top of the spoon so I knew where to put that
dab of glue in the back. And I took two little beads and I used tacky glue and put a dab
of tacky glue in the hole in the bead. Slip it in the pipe cleaner and let it dry. And
then I had his little hands. And when the pot was completely dry, I put the glue in,
stuck the stick of the spoon in there and then you're ready to just fill it up with
either little skewers or toothpicks or the fancy little toothpicks with the end that
you use for hors d'oeuvres. He would be, wouldn't he be adorable in the middle of an hors d'oeuvres
plate holding the fancy toothpicks that you use to pick up your cheese and your meat?
So there you have my friend Pierre the toothpick holder.