2010 - 038 Sophie and Sian 22nd July

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CHESNEY: What you two doing up? It's the holidays.
SOPHIE: You're not the only one with a job, you know.
CHESNEY: At least I'm not sweating on my exam results.
SIAN: Well, neither are we 'cause we're so brilliant.
CHESNEY: Sixth form then uni, eh?
SOPHIE: Yeah, why not?
CHESNEY: A lifetime of student debt? While thicko me will be loaded. See ya.
SOPHIE: See ya.
SIAN: Bye.
SOPHIE: You do know Ryan will blab, don't you?
SIAN: He might not.
SOPHIE: Are you joking? Sian, it's like the biggest secret he's ever had in his life and
he hates us.
SIAN: No, he doesn't. Hi-
SOPHIE: You were saying?
SIAN: Hey. You're on your own?
SOPHIE: Yeah, Sunita's just nipped to the wholesalers.
SIAN: So what're we gonna do?
SOPHIE: Me and you - it is what you want, yeah?
SIAN: You know it is. why, don't you?
SOPHIE: Yeah, course. So, you know, it's gonna come out anyway.
SIAN: Yeah, but-
SOPHIE: And I'm gonna have to tell my mum and dad.
SOPHIE: About me and about how I feel. I can keep you out of it.
SIAN: Why do you need to tell them? It's not like we've done anything, not really. And
how're you supposed to tell them about you-
MICHELLE: Sorry, am I interrupting something?
SOPHIE: We're just having a chat.
MICHELLE: How are you, love?
SIAN: I'm fine.
MICHELLE: A bit sore?
SIAN: A bit, yeah.
MICHELLE: We were all really worried about you. Especially Ryan.
SIAN: Well ta, but, no, yeah I am, I'm fine.
MICHELLE: Look, he'd kill me if he knew I was asking you this, but, um, you and him,
is there a 'you and him'?
SIAN: What's he been saying?
MICHELLE: To his mum? Oh, look, I know he can be a cackhanded numpty at times, but yesterday
he was just trying to be nice, you know.
SIAN: Oh, I know.
MICHELLE: Well, um, I'm gonna keep my nose out. Thanks. See ya.
SIAN: Bye. See, he's not said anything. So maybe there's no need.
SOPHIE: He will. She'll mention something about you and him and then that'll be it.
ANNA: Glad you're broken up?
RYAN: I've finished. Left. Just waiting for my results.
ANNA: Do you know what you'll do?
RYAN: Nah, depends on my grades.
ANNA: You wouldn't join up like our Gary?
RYAN: You're joking, aren't you? I don't know about Afghanistan, suggesting it to my mum
would scare me enough.
ANNA: Ey, don't go running after her. That's what she wants.
RYAN: Sian! How stupid am I, ey? Lezzie mates, not bezzie mates.
SIAN: What are you, Ryan? 10?
RYAN: Bet you're having a right laugh, aren't you?
SIAN: You don't get it, do you? It's not like that!
RYAN: So, i didn't see you two snogging then?
SIAN: Look, I wanted to tell you. She wants to tell her mum and dad.
RYAN: Your dad went postal enough when he found out about me and you.
SIAN: Oh, you're enjoying this, aren't you?
RYAN: Oh yeah, yeah. Everyone'll think it's me, turned you onto girls. Yeah, I'm really
loving that.
SIAN: And is that what you think? It's different. I don't know how to-
RYAN: So when's Sophie gonna tell her parents?
SIAN: I don't know. She wants to tell them before you start telling everybody.
SIAN: Yeah, because you'll tell your mum, and then you'll start having a laugh with
it, with Lee and Phil, and-
RYAN: No, I wouldn't. I won't. Promise.
SIAN: Really? Like, really promise? Nobody?
RYAN: Yeah, really promise. Look, what I said before; I'm sorry. Now what?
SIAN: Nothing. Thank you.
SIAN: Hi, Mr Stape!
JOHN: Hiya. Nobody calls me Mr Stape anymore.
SIAN: Sorry, it's a habit. You used to teach me English in Year 8.
JOHN: Yeah, I remember. How'd your GCSE's go?
SIAN: Uh, fine, I think.
JOHN: You staying on for sixth form?
SIAN: Yeah, I like school. Don't you miss it?
JOHN: You have no idea.
SIAN: Ryan's promised not to tell.
SOPHIE: Really? Why? Well, I mean, how?
SIAN: 'Cause he saw how upset I was.
SIAN: Come on, he was really understanding and he was dead sweet.
SOPHIE: Well, I'm almost disappointed.
SIAN: Don't be mental.
SOPHIE: Yeah, but it'd put an end to all this sneaking around and pretending.
SIAN: Yeah, well, we're alright.
SOPHIE: Wouldn't it be nice, though, just to be somewhere and just to be-
SIAN: Yeah, but it's-
SOPHIE: Yeah, but I wish that though, don't you?
SIAN: Yeah, course.