Advancing Australia's relationships with China and the US matters to Geoffrey Garrett

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bjbj Geoffrey Garrett: My fundamental interests at the moment are in the most important bilateral
relationship in the world China and the US - and what it means for Australia. You know,
American investment today in Australia is really driving the minerals boom. But that
boom of course requires markets in Asia and China above all. So I think for Australians
to understand the economic triangle is really important. Super: How should Australia manage
these relationships? Geoffrey Garrett: Australia should stand up for its distinctive interests
in its relationship with the US. But equally I think Australia has to have a more mature
attitude towards China. You know one of the biggest issues going forward is going to be
Chinese investment in Australia. Everyone understands that Australia will need that
investment but people are worried about the power of the state. I think going forward,
Australia s going to have to grow into a new role in the 21st century. Super: What does
the future hold? Geoffrey Garrett: In 2050 I think Australia will be a very important
country in the Asia-Pacific. Asia s massive population is going to require food. Soil
is bad in Asia, water is poor in Asia. Australian food production and Australian food technology,
I think, are going to be an increasingly important part of our future, obviously just as they
were to the founding of this country. Super: Why should this matter to anyone else? Geoffrey
Garrett: No matter where you are in the world, the relationship between China and the US
is about the biggest issue. It s the biggest issue in pure political terms, in strategic
terms and in economic terms. If you re in Australia, it s even more important than that,
because clearly those are the two most important relationships to this country and managing
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