qns ƃuǝ 4/4 ʇɹɐd 2 dǝ ʎqɐq ollǝɥ ɐɹɐ-ʇ

Uploaded by PudLov3Icecream on 28.11.2010

All of them are hiding from me and Jiyeon and they played with the babies themselves
Mavin, Mavin come here~
Mavin, come here to play
Come try it yourself, Mavin
Mavin, do you miss Jiyeon unnie?
Then should we find Jiyeon unnie?
Mavin, do you like Shinee oppa?
Then how about miss A noona?
Do you like it? Want to go there?
You dont want?
Then how about SNSD?
Then how about we go to play?
Then....what Mavin feel like want to do?
Where do you want to go?
You dont want to go?
Do you want to meet your girlfriend?
Do you want to play with the bumper car? (I dont know whats that call...its like something that moves when you insert the coins into it)
You dont like?...
Do you want to eat rice?
You finish eating earlier?
Let's go buy something delicious?
What do you want to do?
how about go to watch movie?
What are you waiting for? Let's go~
Let's go...
You definitely cannot follow this kind of people when you met them...
You finish the sweet already?
He can speak really well
Using guitar for distraction
Finally you are by my side now
Mavin, do you like music?
Mavin dont go~
The chance of becoming a mother is lowered...
Will she be fired from Hello Baby?
We have to make Mavin join our side
Mother will buy for you...
You must choose us...
Please choose us~
Mason cried?
Mavin starts to angry already!
Why our brother starts to cry~
The truth will be revealed next week~
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