Kpop Music Mondays - U-Kiss "Believe"

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This week's Music Monday will transport you to a dance club in Europe
with U-Kiss's Believe
OK, we're gonna say this
and I really have no way to sugar coat it
If you can't handle it
avoid it years now before you feel hurt
ok, gone yet,
Are you ready?
We both
hands down
really don't like this song
It's definitely our at least favorite U-Kiss song ever
With an EVAR
Sorry, U-Kiss fans
I mean we are also U-Kiss's fans as well
But we really don't like this song
Not all of it is bad though
I'd like to listen to the a cappella version of this song
because U-Kiss's singing is very nice
but the beat is just too overwhelming
I couldn't even listen to it all the way through
the first time I'd heard it
Every time I try to get to the chorus
I kept on being taken back by this horrendous instrumental
It's just
it's SOO..
I feel like I have to grow my hair down to my ears
then grease it back
wear uncomfortable amounts of clothes
go to a club
unbutton my shirts just that you can see few of my curly chest hairs
wear my sunglasses indoors at the club
and dance only by pointing to the ceiling
and yell
at my friends who are doing the same thing to their friends
[dancing in the club]
We heard that AJ wrote the lyrics to this song
and we were really happy to hear that
It's really great for bands have a hand on the creation of the music
and we very much respect that
But considering how much emotional the lyrics were
and how specifically they had to do with like
a couple going through hard times
The music video just didn't do the justice
Like not even a little bit
I'm sure that some of you might dig up some symbolism from the video
from the colors and the locations,
and the pain on U-Kiss's faces
and enough convey meaning to the music video through their emotion
but c'mon now
This type of music video is starting to get really repetitive for U-Kiss
Doesn't it seem that U-Kiss always looking upset and emotional
at every music video they are doing?
When we reviewed 'DoraDora'
we talked about them being homeless
and all the weird places that they are squading in
And this video isn't adding anything new to the mix
or just proofing our theory
It's starting to feel like an SM formula
SM is usually dancing in oddly rooms
the way U-Kiss's looking emotional and broken down homes
Dong Ho is looking sad and pensive at his reflection
Kevin is looking heart broken in his bed
Now we've seen this stuff already
in Dora Dora, Tic Tac, and Neverland
0330 was their last plot driven video
It was really nicely shot
and everyone was pretty good at acting
and the story itself was pretty freaking heart ranching
It was a great video that showed what U-Kiss was capable of doing
and I'd like to see U-Kiss come out with another video of that quality again
Now other members of U-Kiss really wonderful job
lurking in worry in the background
In the music video of 0330
But in this music video
there's just some playing odd lurking
like really odd lurking
I'm not really sure what the director was thinking in some of these shots
Because in my perspective, some of these couple shots are just
way bit creepy
And if you don't already find them creepy
you're gonna find them creepy
if I just worded a little bit for you
Ok, Kevin you're gonna be sitting alone and singing sadly on the bed
and then I want you to glance out the window where Gi seob is standing
and then we'll pan over to him
and he'll take over the rest of the song's line
and~~ Action
Ok, Kevin you're all alone
sitting on the bed and singing sadly
when you have a weird feeling
you glance out the window
and you see Gi seob just standing there
You stop singing
and then he finish up singing of your line
while caressing his chest
and action!!
Ok Dong Ho, I want you to singing emotionally
while wearing this random necklace
and then the camera will pan over to E-Lie
and then his rap sequence will began
Ready? and action !
OK Dong Ho, having escaped through sewers
and gotten tangled up in lots of garbage
you now have a necklace made of seaweed
you have safely made it to an abandon washroom
You look into the mirror
singing sadly when the camera pans slowly
and suddenly we see
You're not alone
E-Lie has been there watching you the whole time
E-Lie....watching you
c'mon it's awkward
You'd be lying if you don't admit it
And of course nothing fan boys and fan girls would want more
Hearing E-Lie serenade to you
about being a perfect fit and getting a good night kiss
while lounging casually in a doo doo stained bath tub
while watching Dong Ho in the bathroom
At least AJ gets a flight of stairs his rap sequence
This music video is like a fan writer's dream come true
E-Lie and Dong Ho going to the bathroom together alone
I don't know, I just feel this music video was little bit rushed
Like the director didn't take enough time to think this concept through
Instead of the video to match the lyrics to the song
or to have like a coherent concept
seems like the director kind of like mashed together a bunch of random concepts
Using the also famous It's Captain Spudgy's
Kpop Video Crisis
Tuesdays are so boring
HEY You guys! Are you bored??
How about directing your own K-POP music video at your home?
It's Captain Spudgy's Kpop Video Crisis
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I'm doing U-Kiss!
Secret member!!
Yes!! Kevin!!
Ah! That's a good one
Collect one card from all each 5 creative categories
to create the perfect music video for your band
Filming location, creepy bedroom
inanimate object, old furniture
and face arousal
just two more categories to go
and then I'll beat you to the midnight deadline
But be aware, action cards can slow down your video production
Oh no!!
You will not have any of the opposite sex in your music video
Nuts.!! Now what am I gonna do?
HAHAHAHA This is great
You can even upgrade the difficulty level by adding new Expansion Packs
Introducing the dance movements expansion pack
awkward sexy face expression pack
Plus syndrome number 9
I should probably level that up to level 100
Lucky! I don't even have one
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Yes!! I've got the lip gloss card
More lipgloss for Kevin!!!
Captain Spudgy!!!
Place one card with flashy one card
Yes!! I win!!!
Captain Spudgy's Kpop Video Crisis
for the inner director in you
[the dance]
This is probably the most literal dance I've ever seen from U-Kiss
I do believe you
I do
Considering the lyrics again
the dance for this video could have might be little bit slower
to impart more emotions
rather than it seems like super quick like chest slapping dance
and as we saw the deleted footage of AJ accidentally backslapping Kevin
The standing for this dance was way to squished together
I don't know, they just kind of look like cramped up in that little tunnel
All in all, we're just starting to feel that U-Kiss might be a little too bit overworked
I mean look at SHINEE,
they released one song since March
and one complicated dance to learn
While U-Kiss have been working non-stop since last June
promoting in Japan, promoting Japanese songs
and learning dances and coming back to Korea
and then promoting Korean songs
and learning new dances
and now they have special fan release album
I think if they have a chance to take a break and kind of re-energize
they could focus all their energy to making one or two really awesome songs
to really awesome dances
whether than whole bunch of videos and couple of those songs with mediocre dances
I don't know, is anyone feeling like this way too?
[the english]
As for the English we've gotta say
2.5 out of 5
Now, this score was a bit difficult for us to come to
AJ, E-Lie and Kevin speaks English just fine
so we're giving them 5 out of 5 for their pronunciation
except for the chorus when they say
"Believe, believe~"
to me it sounds like
Billy~ Billy
Now all I can think of is who is this Billy guy you're speaking to
Anyhow apart from that is what they are saying that confuses the badoodles out of me
Hey ladies and gentlemen
want you to listen, wanna know what it is?
HAHA~ Hear this ya~~
It's our belief
Their pronouncing it just fine
WHAT THE HELL Are they saying???
This is nonsense
Almost at the level of T-shirts you buy it at a Korean convenience store
or especially DAISO
AJ, E-Lie , Kevin ! Why are you doing this to us???
You guys are suppose to the beacons of good English
but this is... What is this???
I'm sure that this has some kind of meaning
maybe I'm not just cool enough to understand what it means
but I'm a pretty cool guy and I know what a lot of things mean
[the showdown]
Two weeks ago we asked which like this song you preferred
WG's Like this yo~
or Bilasa's Like it like it like this~
The winner was, really surprising
The winner was Bilasa
this was really a fun jokey question
but we were really shocked to see Bilasa win this
Good job, Bilasa
I also like it like it like this
Bilasa does it more cute, don't they?
For this week's retro sound edition
we ask you , Which throw back sounding song do you prefer?
U-Kiss's Euro dance hit it the 90s with Believe
or Infinite's supersonic synthesizes of the 80s with Paradise
whooh~ both of them are sooo cheesy
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