2010 - 027 Sophie and Sian 23rd April Part 1

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KEVIN: Oh, I see you're feeling better today.
ROSIE: Skivyitus cleared up, has it?
SOPHIE: Oh, funny. Um, dad, you know tonight? I was just wondering if-
KEVIN: You're grounded.
ROSIE: Dad, it's only some fake tattoo. It's not like she's got her face pierced or something.
KEVIN: You know full well it's not just because of that.
SOPHIE: I know I shouldn't have gone to Southport when I was grounded, and stayed out late,
and made you worry, and I'm sorry. It's just, I was- I was gonna go and see my mate for
a couple of hours, and I won't go far. Please, dad?
KEVIN: Go on then. I give up, but you'd better not be in late.
SOPHIE: I won't.
ROSIE: Look at you! You've gone all coy. Who is it?
SOPHIE: Mind that. Rosie!
ROSIE: "I can't wait to see you tonight, Lee xxx" So that's your mate?
SOPHIE: You're just jealous 'cause you haven't got a boyfriend.
ROSIE: Jealous because you're going out with some spotty-faced, anorak-wearing God botherer?
Dream on.
SOPHIE: Does this outfit look OK?
ROSIE: You look totally fabulous. All thanks to me, of course. My clothes, my make-up.
You're like a mini me.
SOPHIE: Mmm, great.
ROSIE: You must be well into this Lee bloke.
SOPHIE: I'm not really fussed. Um, you know this lipstick, is it a bit much?
ROSIE: Talk about red hot! Loving it!
SOPHIE: It looks tarty. I'm gonna cancel.
ROSIE: Uh, no you don't. Go out and have a good time.
SOPHIE: I don't know.
ROSIE: Men and stuff, right? It's all like riding a bike. Well, all I'm saying is, you
were dead upset the other day because of some lowlife lad, and here you are all gorgeous
and moving onto the next one.
SOPHIE: Hmm, I suppose.
ROSIE: Get your lippy back on, get back out there, and show the other fella what he's
LEE: Hiya.
LEE: So...
LEE: I was dead surprised when I got your text.
LEE: You know, after what happened last time and everything, I thought someone was spoofing
SOPHIE: No. It's just, I thought, well...you know?
LEE: So, where do you fancy going then?
SOPHIE: I'm not fussed.
LEE: Could go to the pub?
SOPHIE: Like they'd serve you at the pub.
LEE: They might do.
SOPHIE: No. I'm not really, um, a pub kind of person.
LEE: Nah, me neither.
SOPHIE: Mmmm, we could go bowling?
LEE: OK, but do you mind if we stop off for a kebab first? I'm starving.
SOPHIE: No, sure.
SIAN: Sorry.
ROSIE: Don't mind me. I've been doing my Megablast Bums and Tums.
SIAN: Right. Is she in?
ROSIE: Oh, no. You've just missed her. Phew, I am totally boiling. My legs feel like they're
melting or something.
SIAN: Well, when's she gonna be back?
ROSIE: No idea.
SIAN: Well, I suppose I'd better just text her then.
ROSIE: Don't expect a reply. She's probably getting her face snogged off, or something.
SIAN: What?
ROSIE: Well, she's on a date.
SIAN: Oh, right.
ROSIE: I couldn't believe it, she actually made an effort for once. Eye shadow, lippy,
the lot. So cute.
SIAN: Well, who's she seeing? Because she didn't see anything.
ROSIE: Well, you know him, don't you? Lee? She was trying to play it cool, but it's obvious
she's dead keen.
SIAN: Right, well I suppose I'd better just go then.
ROSIE: Wait, have you come all the way from Southport?
SIAN: Yeah. No worries, I'll just get a cab back to the station.
ROSIE: Well, hang on. Should I give her a message, or...
SIAN: No. I'm fine.