Life and work at Young Internet - The Kids Company (HD)

Uploaded by YoungInternet on 27.05.2011

Yeah, it was always important for me, that you don't come to the office and think
this could be an insurance company, but that you really feel that this is a kids company
and we have the spirit of creating products for kids.
I describe that we make kids happy every day. We create great moments for kids
and try to be creative every day to make them laugh and feel emotions.
Oloko and Panfu are virtual worlds for kids in an age of eight to twelve.
And on our mobile platforms we are addressing even younger kids
from one year onwards.
I think what our games make really special is, that they combine fun and social experience.
And that we open the way to the digital world for the kids.
I think our biggest challenge is, that our users are kids
and we have a high responsibility.
Never actually expected to end up in this branch
It was, -
you know: Life has a lot of surprises
in store and
this was a really good one
Compared to other companies I worked for, I think
it’s quite cool here
and especially the interaction between the different departments. So it’s not like
the typical cliché between design, IT and marketing, that they don’t like each other, that they don’t work together
I keep the same kind of
enthusiasm is what my daughter has
towards the game
So we really want to be the first contact, the first gaming contact for kids. Starting at an age of one
to two years old. Starting at tablet devices, then moving on to
phones, to mobile phones, touch devices. And then moving on to
virtual worlds on the web or on the TV or wherever the kids are.
We are very international. I think we have people from more than ten, twelve countries here
Special about this company?
Our Austrian employees?
I don't know him.
It's always about challenges.
If you have a task that requires something new from you, that you don't know. Then it’s a cool job.
When I see people motivated and people who actually want to make some changes, improve some stuff,
then it’s really motivating.
If I think of Young Internet, I want it to be a place where
balls lie around
people play games
people test our products. We have lots of iPads lying around. Kids are playing on these iPads,
kids from the outside are coming into the office,
walking around, seeing: How is the internet created? How does that work? How do you get graphics online?
What do people do in a company like ours?
I want the employees to bring their kids themselves.
Yeah, I become [:)] a baby, a little Panda I think
This is my big story, my personal.
I love telling jokes!
OK. Bye!