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LAUREN GOTTLIEB: Chris Brown turns up the dance in his new
video, Hollywood gets ready for Oscar Oscar, and two dance
DVD giveaways--
this is Just Dance for February 23, 2012.
It's Lauren Gottlieb.
I actually have some bittersweet news.
I'm leaving the country for a couple months to go to India
to shoot a Bollywood film.
But don't worry, there's going to be some amazing people
taking my place to host Just Dance News for you, and I will
be sure to give you some behind the
scenes footage on set.
But for now, let's get right into the show.
Chris Brown released his music video for his song "Turn Up
the Music." In the video, he pays tribute to Michael
Jackson, but at the same time, Chris shows us moves that
we've never even seen before.
The masks, they were a little dark and twisted, but the
dancing was like the new school Michael Jackson.
I don't know about you, but I watched the breakdown with the
guys at least five times.
Rich + Tone and Flii Stylz choreographed the video, and
this actually marks Chris Brown's directorial debut.
His new album, Fortune, comes out March 16, so I'm sure
we're going to be seeing tons more dancing music videos.
It only happens once a year, but it's
about that time again.
Hollywood's biggest night is this Sunday, February 26, when
the 84th Academy Awards air on ABC.
Eddie Murphy was hosting, and then he wasn't hosting.
Luckily, they managed to get some guy named Billy Crystal
to fill in.
Billy, a bit of advice for you-- just act like you've
done this before, and I'm sure you'll do great.
You can always count on the Oscars for big musical numbers
and great choreography.
Well, this year is going to be no different because Cirque de
Soleil is performing with the largest cast they've ever
assembled for one act.
I don't know about you, but I'm going to tune in just to
see if Cirque gets Billy Crystal in a harness.
I'm going to throw it over to Joseph for his Academy Award
JOSEPH: So here are a few of my 2012 Academy Award
Best Picture--
The Artist.
People seem to either really like or really dislike this
film, but regardless, it's very
different and very unique.
And I think that's what separates it.
Actor in a Leading Role--
Jean Dujardin, The Artist.
How can you not win with a name like Jean Dujardin?
Not to mention he's pretty easy on the eyes.
Actress in a Leading Role--
Viola Davis, The Help.
So good and such a powerful movie-- definitely one of my
favorite movies of the year.
And Music (Original Song)--
"Man or Muppet" from The Muppets.
This song convinced me that I wanted to be a Muppet.
And honestly, you just can't compete with the Muppets.
Old or young, they are definitely a classic.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: Maya Rudolph hosted Saturday Night Live.
And with Maya back on the show, I figured there was a
98% chance there would be singing and dancing.
Sure enough, only two minutes into this show, the opening
monologue turned into one big musical number.
Wait, why wasn't I hired?
Then, there was another episode of What Up With That?
The best part of this sketch was Jason Sudeikis's '90s
dancing, complete with a slo-mo Roger Rabbit.
Finally, there was a spoof on The Cosby Show called The
Obama Show.
Maya Rudolph played Michelle Obama, and they even reenacted
the famous opening dance sequence from the sitcom.
The cast to the 14th season of Dancing with the Stars will
finally be announced this Tuesday, February 28.
As always, the rumors have been coming fast
and furious for weeks.
Giuliana Rancic, Victor Cruz, Gavin DeGraw, and Tim Tebow
are just a few of the names that have
been floating around.
Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing some
Tebowing in the ballroom.

Dance Moms season two is getting a bit dramatic.
Let me know below which mom you would
kick off the island--
of Pittsburgh.
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click here for his latest.
Just Dance has been giving you sneak peeks for weeks.
Well, Honey 2 is finally here on Blu-ray and DVD.
The stunning Katerina Graham stars, and the movie also
features former "Fly Girl" Laurieann Gibson; J Lo's beau,
Casper Smart; and my favorite hottie with
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Because we love our subscribers so much, we're
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To enter the giveaway, you must leave a comment below
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Click here to view our entire Honey 2 playlist.
In other dance on DVDs news, Footloose is coming to Blu-ray
and DVD combo pack on March 6.
First, I have to let you guys know about
the Let's Dance contest.
It's where fans of Footloose have the chance to win a dance
inspired by the movie for their school.
Check the description box below for all the details, but
hurry because the contest closes on March 2.
We have a few copies of Footloose to give away,
including one signed copy from Blake Shelton.
Click here to see how you can snag a free copy.
I've got huge news to spill.
Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony are back together to
work on their new TV show.
Their new series, Q' Viva!
The Chosen, premieres on Fox Saturday, March 3.
On the show, J Lo, Mark Anthony, and director Jamie
King travel to 21 Latin countries in a talent search
for the best dancers, singers, performers, and musicians.
The endgame of their search is to showcase the chosen acts in
a Las Vegas spectacular celebrating the best Latin
performers in the world.
I cannot wait to see all the raw talent in this show.
In last week's episode of Smash, the producers found
their Marilyn.
In this week's, they found their Joe DiMaggio.
Click here to watch Luan's FYI recap.
All right, that's all I have for you this week.
Next time you see me, I'll be halfway across
the world in India.
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And I guess I won't see you next week.
But I'm going to Bollywood out of frame.