Sea of Ambition, 23회, EP23, #01

Uploaded by MBCClassic on 01.04.2012

I’m sorry.
You care so much about me, but I think I should be with Tae-Sung.
I’ll go with Tae-Sung.
Se-Ra, what happened to your courage?
I was impressed when you asked me to drop the lawsuit.
That’s why I didn’t say no hen Tae-Sung wanted to marry you.
And now you want to leave with your husband?
You’re ambitious. Why are you quitting?
I can’t stop Tae-Sung.
I feel as though I’m walking on a bed of thorns.
Did you learn everything you wanted to?
When you first came to this house as a tutor... said that you wanted to learn from me.
Did you just make that up to marry my son?
No, I didn’t.
Then why did you say that?
When I was a child, my late father always told me that businessmen are patriots.
He told me to be grateful for them and learn from them.
That’s what I believe in since I was young.
That’s why I said that.
So, are you telling me that you’ve learned everything you needed to learn from me?
No, Tae-Sung is not leaving for good.
He said he’ll be back after a few years.
That means he’s coming back after I’m gone.
Mr. Jang…
Or when I’m bedridden.
He’s leaving because he can’t stand working for me.
Can’t you give in a little?
If you give him more power…
Even if he doesn’t meet your expectations...
...I’m sure he can learn from his mistakes.
I can’t afford to do that.
One wrong step will make him fall in a bottomless pit.
If you want to stop him, you’ll have to back down a little.
Tae-Sung respects you and is attached to Dongjin Shipbuilding because you built it.
Give him a chance to learn from you and show what he can do.
Even if I want to give the company to Tae-Sung...
...he can’t lead it if he’s not competent.
You’re the only one who can stop him from leaving, not me.
I have no choice but to go with him.
Even if Tae-Sung leaves, I can’t let you go with him.
Tae-Hee’s not even married yet.
You’re not going anywhere.
You should finish what you’ve already started�