Deaf Awareness and Bad Parents? Dine & Sign episode 32

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Hi, I'm Alex and this is my father. He's deaf and I'm not. Join us as we share a father-son
conversation over a bite to eat and I start to learn that he's got a unique little way
of saying things to me. This is Dine and Sign.
We were talking about G+ Hangout. I'm trying to figure out schedule. I'm a little behind
on the schedule, but people want to see us on Google+. I will progress…
Explain it! People have never heard of that. Deaf are behind. You have to explain, and
Deaf will show others Google+ Really Deaf are behind, whew. I've talked with many Deaf
I've met, many don't know.
Right, but, also a younger generation of Deaf exists.
They're mainstream!
Older people, my generation, is awful. Now it's better. We just met that lady.
I was surprised! Oh she used to be hearing.
Excuses, excuses.
Those who were hearing have experience! Deaf since childhood, they lack awareness.
It's a communication breakdown. That's what I notice. Not stupidity, Just never expressed
If she was deaf at 3 or 4 years old, she might have bad thinking.
You think so?
Deaf at 19, she's lucky. She experienced hearing then lost it. But knows- for 19 years.
That's a little... insulting.
I know. You're right. I'm not saying that, no no. But in my mind, It's common sense.
You were never hearing!
Wait! wait. I… fight for it. I know I'm missing out. I know! But some deaf are just
"I'm deaf" blank mind.
I try to explain! Ohh.. I understand. Deaf is tough.
You think Awareness is important?
For hearing, yes.
Sometimes I feel- looking back at myself at 21, 22… "Why I think like that?" Now I'm
25, I realize one day I will be 30. I should act right now so when 30, I will look back
at 25 and say "good". That's why I hesitate, that's wrong, that's wrong. But I can't look
at myself. Trying to be aware of myself.
I understand. If deaf, it's worse then you could imagine.
So maybe the answer is just Live Dumb?
Thats it. Many do.
Everyone lives dumb?
That's it. Yes.
Obama live dumb?
You think so?
It's different. Hearing? You life will be different.
But some hearing… many hearing also live dumb.
Means their parents stink.
You think so.
That's a tough answer because many people say "Bad kids means bad parents."
It's true!
50-50, 50-50.
Some parents "ah, let it go". Me? I fight it. Be strict, just look at you.
But you're not strict.
You know why? I teach. I'll give you an example- trouble with the police.. I explain. You realize!
I scold and (mumbles).
What's that mean?
means "I don't like it". So I'll be embarrassed if that happens.
I remember I had these shoes with tape around them. You were so angry. I said so what? They're
just shoes with tape. Im a bad parent! I said no! It's my choice!
I have pride.
Means parents are important!
You think people don't have pride?
That's my opinion.
I agree. Your opinion is important, because… if people don't have pride, but have… health…
sight, hearing, taste… money, but no pride… what's the point?
Selfish. They're selfish.
No pride? Means think about myself.
But I think selfishness is important.
Okay… you think that?
I'm curious what people think about the Deaf going to sports.
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