My best gay friends {bộ ba đĩ thỏa} - S01E06

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You’ve gone too far…You bastard!..... damned….
Oh my god, what are u doing?
Why did u stole my BB Tran?
Do u know that what ever u do, u can’t do that, never.
I didn’t do that. But u guys arenot belong to each other.
I asked him about that and he said u just like a sister.
Nonsense. From so long I knew that u have interested on him. I treated u so well and u still do that to me?i don’t believe in u anymore.
He is belong to noone. Why don’t u come and talk to him?
Khoa: hm… why they keep fighting all days just for boys… so tired.
I’m not concern anymore… but I’m a good guy, I couldn’t do that.
I guess I have to be a peace angel again
Stop fighting. Anything can be solved… by words.
Let see between u and me who can have BB Tran.
You’re still laughing when u through a pan at me?
Oh my God! What are u thinking when u cut that hair? Just like a coconut shell on your head.
I didn’t think it funny, I just change my style for what happened.
What makes u guys fighting like that?
He plays dirt and stole my BB Tran.
I did not. I just protect my love
How dare u? You have a lot of nerve
Up yours. he does not like u.
He definitely likes me.
who the hell? in this fighting time?
Brother !!!
when did you come back ? why didn't you tell me?
You back with mom?
No, she let me go alone. And I'm old enough to go alone.
Why that guy wears a pan on his head?
And you, you guys're fake fighting or something?
No, we are playing drama.
Oh, the play called : "Taking back the love".
That sounds fun, can I join it?
There are just 2 characters in the play. we have enough
I thought you're living alone? Who are these two guys?
They are living here sharing my rooms. That's Khoa, and that's Nhat.
hi guys ! I'm Tun
hi lil Bro !
I will unload my luggage, I will live in your room.
No, you can't.
Khoa ! You sleep on the sofa, leave him your room.
What? you are f*ckin kidding me?
Where is BB Tran's number ?
I forget, I lost my phone. But you have dealt with me. Don't let me meet BB at school and chit chat with him about that.
That's right ! you have to keep your promise and morality. He just lost his phone. You have to think for him.
Ok, You can sleep in my room temporarily. You will have your own room soon.
I will dress up and go to school. You girls should be calm and listen to each other. Don't fight like this it will hurt both of you.
What the hell are you laughing at?
I know now.
Good morning !
why are you so good today, greeting me?
We are on business, so I think that’s normal.
Hey, u look pale. Why don’t u drink a cup of ice milk coffee?
Hum….Give me one.
OK. Just a second. Uhhhh
Hy, your noodles.
Thank you. why didn't you stop by my drink stall these days? come here in your mean time, I will make you a smoothie <3 !
Ok, next time. I gotta go.
Why a drink stall needs noodle for?
Hundred sellers, thousand buyers. I buy what I want. I can buy some noodle to eat, can't I ?
Eh, still want a iced milk coffee???
No, I dont like it anymore !
Not funny. Stop that.
Why did you cut this coconut-shelled hair?
Not your business.
Thanh ! why you're late today?
I have to pick my friend up.
Who's this?
This's Khoa
It's late, we gotta go to class !
let's go. Bye Khoa !
It looks so beautiful, where did you buy this?
I bought it from Benthanh Market. I think it matches you.
Is it?
Here ! look into the mirror !
It's ok. Does Rje know you are transgender?
He doesn't, I'm scared he would know it.
I dont dare to tell him that, he will scold me. He's so cruel.
I agree with you about that.
Sooner or later, he will know that. You should tell him about that. That's your business for being a girl. You dont harm anyone.
I know, but dont you know that everytime I crossdressing, people looked at me and said something. I'm so annoyed.
I'm afraid him to treat me like that. I will be so sad
He's badass, cruel sometimes but he always cares for others. I think he will understand and accept that. Don't worry.
Please, stop !
Hello, I am coming from Department of investigation against multicountry criminal. We are looking for a son of a suspected multicountry smuggler.
What's up, Rje?
My source noticed me that he's at this building.
Do you see someone suspecting around here? His name is Nhat. He's chubby, 168cm tall.
There's probably one person like that living in my house several months. I will let you check if you want to.
Hey come here for a minute.
Why you trust them easily? what if they are bad guys?
No, they ain't. Follow me, please !
Tun, you... what are you doing? and you, too ? what the hell are you doing?
Brother, come here, I will explain for you.
Khoa, you treat the guess. I have to solve some internal problems.
Is he home?
you mean Nhat? He...
Ah, Khoa, you want to meet Nhat? He went out this morning. He told me he was going to Hanoi to visit his relatives.
And who is this girl?
I'm Doi Mong Mong, cousin of Rje, this house's owner. I'm coming here is morning.
Why are you asking about Nhat?
We come from Department of investigation against multicountry criminal. We are looking for a son of a suspected smuggler.Do you mind if we check this house?
If you mind, we will ask for the permission from the Court. But it'll be so complicated. You better let me check this house to avoid problem and wasting time.
Yes, you two can check whatever you want.
Eh, Khoa, come here.
You have to keep my secret, I will tell you later.
But, who 're those guys? real cops ??
Yes, they are. But I didn't do anything. I'm involved a little.
By the way, Do you think I'm beautiful ?
Uh, nice
Why didnt you tell me soon?
Because I'm scared you won't allow me to crossdress anymore.
I always thought you are a boy. I never expect that you like to wear girl clothes. Don't you know that people will make fun of you?
A boy in girl costume? It's so weird. And what people will say about you?
No, I dont care about them.
I'm just scared my family won't accept me and I make them sad. That's why I didn't dare to tell you and mom know.
But being a girl is my biggest dream. Hope you will allow me.
Report: Nothing !
If that guy comes back. Call us your cooperation is very important for us.
We will talk about this later.
Bye bye guys.
What is it about?
Finally, what is this problem about? why the police want to arrest you?
I will tell you girls my story.
Back then, I was living my pricess's life.
I never worried about money. Believe it or not, I was living on money. Money everywhere.
I made origami from money when I was sad
honey! you are late again
I'm so sorry, I have something for you.
I don't want it.
Day after day, I lived in a suave life. I can’t sleep because of the money on my bed made me itch.
And that nice day, I didn't expect that. ( why it is so hot? ) Poor me!
Nhat !
Collect money!
What'up ? mom?
Just collect them, I will tell you.
Oh my god, what happened?
Police chases after me.
Why it involves the police?
I dont know, I didn't do anything. I'm just smuggling, and now they want to arrest me!
OMG! So that's where these money came from. Mommyy!
It's enough, run for you life.
After that, I wander off and was here. You guys can see, I didn't know anything about my mom's business. I'm innocent
Where is your mom ? Why dont you go with her?
I was angry, and I breakaway. Last time, she called me to ask for money. I gave her all my money. I told her to do legal job. I didn't hear anything about her since that day.
Poor you! I think your case is worse than mine.
It's alright, don't cry. You paid for your room already. Live here whenever you want. But don't bring any trouble here.
Thank you so much, Rje.
I'm sorry for making you sad. I promise I won't crossdressing in front of you anymore.
Tun, I rethink about it.
You are my brother. And as long as you are happy, I will support you no matter what you do.
If i dont have a brother, a sister is still good.
Thank you so much, brother.
See ! It's not so bad for being a girl. And it's good to live with truly sexuality.
Being a girl is so great.