CODE IDEA - Introduction

Uploaded by CODEIDEA on 17.04.2012

Jason: Hello and welcome to CODE-IDEA. My name is Jason Anderson.
I’m the founder and Executive Director.
Stephanie: Hello, my name is Stephanie Zito and I am the co-founder
as well as the Associate Director for CODE-IDEA.
What is CODE IDEA?
C-O-D-E stands for Creating Opportunities for Deaf Employment.
Jason: I-D-E-A means Innovation, Diversity, Empowerment, and Access.
Stephanie: Innovation. Our ultimate goal at CODE IDEA is to make any job accessible to Deaf
and Hard-of-Hearing individuals and their employer through communication.
We have thought of a variety of approaches and technologies that can help mediate this communication.
Jason: Diversity. We understand that Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing people are very diverse.
Our goal is to match the accommodation for different jobs, and match it to the individual.
Stephanie: Empowerment. We continuously research to find ways for individuals to
accommodate themselves in the work place and help employers follow federal and state regulations.
Jason: Access. We provide information on accessibility tools, communication tips,
and how to hire an interpreter, also many many more.
Stephanie: For more information, follow the menus at the top of our screen.
Jason: You may sign up for our mailing list as well.
Stephanie: If you are on Facebook, find our CODE-IDEA webpage and “like” us.