Photoshop Tips & Techniques : Delete Anchor Points in Adobe Photoshop

Uploaded by expertvillage on 13.09.2008

Now I'm going to show you how to subtract an Anchor Point from a drawing. If you look
at our screen here, you can see I already have this shape here, this polygon shape.
What I'm going to do is I'm just going to erase some of these points to, I don't know,
change the shape a little bit. So, if I come over here and click on my Pen tool, you can
see my fourth selection down is Delete Anchor Point Tool. As I click that I can come over
here, click there, and remove it. I'm just grabbing these anchor points to pull it out
to show you the fact that it is no longer there, it is gone. So, let's come over here
and grab this one. If I click under here I've removed that one. Let's move this one as well.
There we go, now you can see that it's become a curved surface. But, I can modify this shape
however I want to. Let's get rid of this one, and this one, lets grab this and pull, and
there we go! And that's how you would delete Anchor Points that have already been put in
one of your drawings. So, play around with it, have fun, and enjoy!