Acetona com isopor (experiência de química) - Styrofoam in acetone

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Do you think it's possible to put 3.28 ft of Styrofoam
inside this 600ml beaker and doesn't break the Styrofoam?
It depends on your chemical knowledge.
What's the secret to do a Styrofoam disappear inside a beaker?
The secret is pure acetone.
The acetone liberates the air inside the Styrofoam.
Styrofoam is made by a plastic called polystyrene, and at the moment the styrofoam is made
the polystyrene it's mixed with a solvent, and this whole mixture is heated
the solvent evaporates, expands and styrofoam gets full of air.
That's why it's so light and it's a great insulating.
When we soak Styrofoam in acetone, it weakens the structure of the polystyrene
and the air escapes. This goop at the bottom of bottle is still polystyrene, but without air bubbles.
Why it has to be pure acetone? Because the common acetone, that we buy at the pharmacy
is a solution, a mixture of acetone with alcohol and water.
This solution can't liberate the air inside the Styrofoam.
One really nice thing is that we can recycle this goop polystyrene left on beaker.
I'm gonna try to make my famous ninja star.
I know you're gonna asking me where to buy pure acetone.
Here below you've a link where I tell you where to buy almost all the ingredients
I use here on "Manual do Mundo", includding pure acetone.
Remember that whenever you do an experiment using acetone, you have to ask for help from an adult
and never smell acetone or put it near of any heat source
or something that's on fire.
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