BSc (Hons) Sports Science & Injury Management

Uploaded by yorkstjohnuni on 18.03.2011

My name is Claire I am a second year Sports Science and Injury Management student studying
at York St John. I have just returned from an exchange semester
abroad at Victoria University in Melbourne so I am now getting back into my second semester
and my second year. I choose to study at York St John probably
because of the relaxed and friendly atmosphere that I felf was here when choose to visit
it. York St John has got a wide variety of sports
courses and as I was generally decided in what I wanted to study before I came here
that definitely helped because you can change part way through your degree if you feel another
one might be more what you want to do. The facilities for my course are very modern
and very up to date and they have got plenty of them for the amount of students that there
are. The staff on my course they are all very friendly
and all very helpful and because a lot if it is practical, all the sports science stuff,
they are all experts in using this equipment, all experts in their field and they have got
a good deal of knowledge. Each year you have got a placement and you
can either choose to go back to the same one or have a different one year. You get to choose
your own placement which gives you more of a broad scope of what of what you want to
do. My favourite aspect of the course is probably
the fact that it is mainly practical based , I feel I get more from a practical environment
that I would if I was just sitting in a class room, I feel I am picking up skills that I
would actually use when I get a job and when I graduate.
People who can study on the course I would advise them well to keep their general fitness
up, quiet a lot of our physiology lessons involve fitness testing which can be a lot
easier if you are physically fit and also spend some time maybe before you come here
just doing vocational qualifications I mean even just one even if it is just a first aid
qualification as we are encouraged to do them when we are on our course but we don’t always
totally get the time.