Dear Brother (Oniisama e) - Full Episode 8 (Official & HQ with subtitles)

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Dear Brother
A golden bowl, on the right hand
A silver bowl, on the left
Never equal without the other
Those two bowls in each of us;
Those two invisible bowls.
The golden bowl, filled with happiness
Shines with a warm radiance
The overflowing love I've felt since I met you
Couldn't possibly be held in the golden bowl
A golden rapture,
A silver sadness
Let us lay down everything that has passed
So that only you may be held, So that only love may be held,
Let us empty those twin bowls.
Mom, do you think it's a little bit too childish?
Oh my, how adorable!
I picked them out. For Nanako too, so we'll have matching pajamas.
We're supposed to make a set for next week's Home Economics class.
Misonoo Nanako.
The girl I'm always telling you about!
Oh, her...
Pleased to meet you!
I am Shinobu Mariko, Nanako's classmate.
I'm sorry to visit so suddenly on a Sunday
but I had something I wanted to show Nanako.
Shinobu Mariko?
I'm terribly sorry, Nanako has just gone out
to see a movie with a friend of hers.
She went to see a movie with Arikura Tomoko.
Is that so...
Hey, why were we fighting?
Yeah. Why was that?
Probably because you got so popular.
With Shinobu Mariko.
You're so likable.
Not really.
Everyone wants to take you all by herself.
- She...
- Huh?
I'm a little scared.
Episode 8 I Want You
Next stop, Seiran Girls' High School Entrance Gate.
I hate this.
A test, in first period? He's really a devil, that teacher!
Don't fall asleep during the test, okay?
My body is wide awake, but perhaps not my mind...
Oh, no!
- See you.
- Ok!
- Hey, Tomoko?
- Yeah?
We can go home together, right?
Of course!
What is the meaning of this?
What is the meaning of this, I said.
I told you!
I told you that Ms. Misonoo is not the girl you know anymore.
Can't you understand?
Oh, I understand, all right.
Nanako is Nanako.
Whatever happens, she'll stay the way she is.
What you say, what you do, it's your choice.
But I know Nanako the best. Ever since childhood.
What an inconvenience for you.
How did you do it?
What did you do to become friends again with Ms. Misonoo?
Tell me!
That hurts! Let me go!
No, I won't let go! I won't give Nanako to someone like you!
What are you doing? The bell rang.
Good morning, Misonoo!
Good morning, Shinobu!
First period is literature.
I have something important to tell you later.
Your birthday?
Yeah, this Saturday.
So I'm planning to have a small party
and I'd really like it if you could come.
It's fine if you don't want to come. I won't force you to come.
It's just...
there won't be a single girl wanting to go to the birthday of the pornographer's daughter.
Not at all! I've never thought of you that way!
Then... will you come?
Huh? Y-yes...
Really? You're really coming? For sure, then! It's a promise!
I'm so happy, I have to tell my mom about this!
It's Saturday at 6 pm, at the Hotel Royale.
You're strangling me.
I reserved the Rose Room there!
Rose Room?!
Misonoo, thank you, I'm so happy!
What an impudent girl!
So she's planning to stay in the Sorority after all.
Misaki, don't you think you ought to come up with something new?
I have some ideas...
Misaki Aya, please come to the Sorority House immediately.
Lady Miya is waiting for you.
So this the Sorority House!
If only she hadn't been here, I would be...
I'm sorry I had to call you all the way here.
No, think nothing of it!
What's your impression of the Sorority House?
It's gorgeous! Magnificent and beautiful...
I've adored this room ever since junior high!
Were you aware...
That there were times when members left the Sorority...
and we accepted freshmen as new members?
Really? Then I... still have a chance?!
No. There is no chance that you will be chosen.
At least, not now.
Why not?
I think you already know.
I'm going to give you one piece of advice.
Don't become a victim of your own device.
If not, not only
will you lose your chance to ever become a member of the Sorority...
but you'll make all Sorority members your enemy.
Arikura still isn't here yet?
Cut it out, Tomoko! It's Tomoko, isn't it?
Stop, let me go!
I'm sorry, I'm not Tomoko.
Then again, I hope you don't forget your promise.
Oh, your friend's birthday party?
What do you think about wearing the dress your father bought for you the other day?
Is something wrong?
No, nothing at all.
I was just thinking about what present I should give her.
You should choose something like you.
Something like me?
You're amazing, you know...
For you to agree to go to Mariko's party in the first place is bad enough...
...but you're even baking cookies for her!
And who is helping me bake these cookies...?
You should talk!
What are you saying?
Actually, I want to make them
with lots of salt and tabasco!
So, what are you going to give me?
For my birthday.
Oh...And when was it again?
You little...
It's fabulous... A birthday party, here?
I wonder what kind of people are coming.
Excuse me, where is the Rose Room?
Would I be talking to Lady Misonoo?
Oh, yes!
Lady Shinobu has been waiting for you.
This way, please.
I'm honored to be invited today...and...
Misonoo! I knew you would come!
Um... Happy Birthday! I'm honored...
It's fine. Come over here!
I'll introduce you to mom.
Shinobu is so beautiful...
Today, she's even more beautiful than usual.
Pleased to meet you. Mariko has told me so much about you.
Pleased to meet you! I'm Misonoo Nanako.
Mariko talks about you everyday.
I'm so glad that you two are such good friends.
Not at all! It's my pleasure!
I hope you will take good care of Mariko in the future.
When are you going to finish your greetings?
Let's have dinner instead!
Oh, Mom...!
Mariko, shouldn't you blow out your candles?
Oh right! Do you think I could blow 16 at once?
Good luck, Mariko!
G...good luck, Mariko!
Right. Here I go...
There, don't hesitate, dig in!
Do you like caviar? How about some wine?
Um... Have the other guests not arrived yet?
Oh my, you're the only guest.
You didn't know? You're the only one I invited.
Only me?
How could she invite only me when she reserved such an expensive hotel?
Only me?
Until last year... It was always just mom and I.
Even if I sent out invitations, nobody would come.
Even my father would remain in his study, always working...
Mariko, that's enough.
Come on, it's the truth anyway.
Mariko, um... This...
it's nothing exciting, but...
For me? Really? Can I open it?
Wow, look at these!
Mom, they're cookies!
Hey, these are hand-made, right? Thank you, thank you, Misonoo!
Mom, look, look!
My, they look so delicious! How nice!
They're so cute! Misonoo is so good at baking!
I didn't know...
I didn't know anything about Mariko...
Thank goodness I decided to come.
Thank you very much for today.
I enjoyed such delicious food,
and not only that, to be taken home in a car...I'm grateful.
Don't worry. It was you who made this party so special, Nanako.
I'm the one who should be thanking you.
Hey, do you still have some time?
Our house is just this area... Since we're here, I want to invite you to our home.
But... to visit so suddenly, I don't want to be a bother...
Of course not. Right, Mom?
Of course... It's a bit sudden, but Nanako would be very welcome.
Please? Please? Please...
Then... just for a little while.
Turn around, let's go home.
Oh, this is so great! So delicious!
You're so good at making sweets!
Oh, the coffee! Do you want Cafe Royale with brandy?
Or maybe cafe-au-lait?
I'm fine with normal coffee.
Really? You can have anything you want.
Hey, Mariko, can I visit you from time to time in the future?
I can always bring you some pies...
Because you pity me?
Then, no thank you.
I'm fine with things as they are now.
Don't trouble yourself.
I'm sorry. To be honest...
I love your kindness. I really like that about you. Really.
So... you can come anytime you want.
Do you want to take a bath together?
A bath?
People do that all the time, don't they? Bathing with a friend.
You do that with Tomoko too, don't you?
No way! You're kidding!
It's so pretty... Your back...
It's spotless, and so white and clean...
Don't look at me like that...
It's okay! I love all beautiful things.
Of course, I love my body too.
Just like this, sometimes I look at my own reflection in the mirror for hours.
Until I'm completely captivated.
And then I say to myself, "I want to become an adult soon!"
I want to become an adult soon!
The truth is, Mariko has much larger breasts than I do.
She's just like a rosebud, waiting for the day when she can bloom...
Oh no, it's a;ready so late.
Mariko, I have to go home.
What? You can't! Sleep over tonight!
It's raining anyway... right? What do you think? You've slept over at Tomoko's before too, right?
Friends are supposed to sleep over, aren't they?
But today I didn't plan to.
If I stay out so suddenly, dad and mom will worry about me.
It's okay. I'll call your house.
So... please? Please?
I'll sleep over next time, after I get mom's permission. So...
No, no, you can't go home!
Mariko, please...!
No, I won't let you!
I absolutely won't let you go!
I'm serious. I'll kill you if you go.
I'll kill you, and then kill myself.
Please... don't say that. Let me go. Why?
What are you doing?
I won't let you go. Absolutely not!
Open the door! Let me go!
Mariko, what are you doing?
No. Don't come closer
What are you doing?
Don't come near!
What are you doing? Move away!
I told you not to come here!
Mariko, what's wrong with you?
It's none of your business!
Wait! Don't go, you can't go! Wait!
Why? Isn't it fine if you just stay overnight?
Aren't we friends?
This... This is not friendship!
Stop it, Mariko!
Do you think I'll let you go? Do you think I will?
Let me go! Let me go! Let me go!
Help me... Help me, Mom...
Help me, Brother!
It went blank.
I couldn't understand anything around me, my mind was blank
and I kept running.
Brother, the rain was so cold.
I dreamt an awesome dream last Sunday
But when it saw you,
Surprised, the dream just flew away
I would never lose
So just for you
I have rushed and tried so hard
This feeling of love, staying in my heart
bewildered by the mischievous fairies' game
dances to and fro, always capricious