Adlib Software Corporate Overview

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bjbj Corporate Overview video A conversation with Peter Duff, President & CEO of Adlib
Software; Scott Mackey, Director, Product Management, and Jean Ouellette, Chief Software
Architect. Peter Duff: Our vision for the future of the company is that we become a
significant entity in helping organizations solve their extreme document pain. Scott Mackey:
Adlib offers a couple of different products, one that I ll mention is Express server and
that offers automated document conversion, recognition and publishing. Another key product
that we offer is Adlib PDF for SharePoint. So this is offering document transformation
capabilities within SharePoint for SharePoint users. There is a variety of benefits that
the Adlib products offer. First of all it s an integrated solution so you got single
source application for all the different conversion recognition and publishing capabilities that
you require. The automation is a key area as well so where processes are being handled
manually through manual labour, desktop applications Adlib offers you a solution that can be centralized
deployed across a server and linked in with your business applications that automates
the process. So it removes that need for the user to become involved. It automates it and
accelerates the overall document workflow. Peter: The verticals that our product fits
into very well are those vertical industries that are very document centric. And those
vertical industries include things like: financial services, legal, life sciences, manufacturing,
and government. All have an application for our software. Our customers face a whole variety
of different problems and they ve used our software to create really innovative solutions
for themselves. A lot of the problems have to do with compliance. Some of our customers
are in a regulated environment and so they re required to store their documents for long
periods of times, they re required to report to regulatory bodies and we help them accelerate
that process. Jean Ouellette: Some customers gain competitive advantage by using our technology.
I ve visited a customer just last week and their process was exactly that. It was about:
when I make a request, the faster I can get the rendition turned around and distributed
to my user that gives me significant business and competitive advantage. Scott: Right now
a lot of users are forced to learn new tools, new process to actually achieve a particular
objective. What Adlib offers is the ability to put a server based tool in there and automate
that. Basically take it out the hands of the users and give them the functionality they
need without having to learn a bunch of new tools. Peter: We talk about listening and
learning from our customers and so we have conversations with their customers on a regular
basis to understand what concerns they have with respect to their own business, what issues
they might have with our software, how we might make it better, where they see our software
going and what they would like to see in the software down the road? And we take all that
feed back and we build a road map and plan our product accordingly so it s a very customer
driven process, a very partner driven process in terms of improving our product and ensuring
it meets the market requirements. Jean: I would say we are innovative but our innovation
often comes from listening to our customers - and they often give us great ideas. What
our innovation is our ability to implement those great ideas in a way they can be leveraged
across multiple verticals. Peter: We are a company that has gone through gone-to-market
through both direct sales to customers as well as through partners. And because our
software integrates into other platforms, other document processing applications, partners
see incredible value - including us - in their own solution. And so we have been integrated
into a number of partner s applications particularly in the content management space to help them
augment their own capabilities where they have been unable to do so before. Scott: The
software is very easy to use out of the box, but we find working with our customers, working
with our partners with our experience from a variety of industries and applications helps
them get a tighter integration helps them get their integration done faster, helps them
ensure that the solution that they deploy to their customers is going be the most successful
possible. Peter: Adlib is a respected company in the industry and one that is synonymous
with quality, responsiveness, scalability, accuracy and all those things are extremely
important. So it s interesting to see how our partners are proud to promote our brand
to their own customers. Keeping our customers successful is the thing that s going make
us successful and we recognize that. And that s one of the really unique aspects to Adlib
is that we got not only great innovative technology but that combined with extreme customer focus
I think makes us something that stands out and certainly as a software company and within
our industry. Our market is wide open, untapped, there s a lot of opportunity there for us
within our customer base, within vertical industries that we focus on to expand the
breadth of where we can offer solutions and expand within our own customer base the degree
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