Vegas Bomb Recipe

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Today on Drinks With Diablo,
we're taking a little road trip
to do something we call
the Vegas Bomb. presents Drinks With Diablo:
The Vegas Bomb.
Welcome back to Drinks With Diablo.
This is your host, Jöhnny Dîablø,
and today we're doing a drink; it's called the Vegas Bomb.
This is very similar to another drink we did
called the Perfect P*ssy.
And this one is Red Bull, Malibu,
Crown Royal, peach schnapps,
and just a touch of cranberry juice.
So you're going to bomb this shot
into Red Bull, of course.
And for your shot, it's equal parts
Crown Royal, Malibu, peach schnapps
and just a splash of cranberry juice on top.
So Crown,
peach schnapps,
and a little bit of cranberry juice.
Ooh, okay. Cranberry, alright.
So let's drop this shot and let's see how it turns out.
Here we go,
Vegas Bomb.
>> Cortney: Chug, chug, chug, chug...
>> Cortney: Whoo-hoo!
>> Dîablø: This one is um...
it's very similar to the Royal Pussy,
but it's kind of different.
The cranberry is just there a little bit,
But that, between that and the peach schnapps,
it gives the drink a very fruity flavor.
The Royal Pussy is more just like Crown,
with just a hint of peach.
This one has more
emphasis on peach and cranberry.
You don't even really taste the Crown.
You don't even really taste the Malibu.
This is a drink that you could go at all night,
get hammered,
and feel pretty good about it.
I give it a big, hearty thumbs up.
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Thanks again for being here,
and as always,
You know...
>> Everyone: Happy Drinking !!!
>> Dîablø: Whooo!
>> Inferno: Las Vegas!
>> Cortney: [ laughing ]
♪♫ [ upbeat melodic metal ] ♫♪
Vegas Bomb recipe:
8 oz Red Bull,
⅔ oz Crown Royal,
⅔ oz Malibu coconut rum,
⅔ oz peach schnapps,
Splash cranberry juice.
Drop that shot!
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>> Inferno: Probably not.
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