Talking About Teaching - P.K. Rangachari (#1)

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>> To be brutally honest, I had absolutely no interest
in teaching when I first came to America.
But in the time I graduated
from medical school, 1968, '66 actually.
And then I taught for about a year, and then I came
to Canada and did my PhD.
And then -- but in 1968 to 1983 when I first came
to [inaudible] Master [phonetic],
my [inaudible] was probably about a month.
I had no interest in teaching,
and I didn't think much of students.
I thought it was a monumental waste of time.
Who'd bother to waste their time when you could do research
and all that kind of stuff.
It's actually -- Master [inaudible] opened my eyes,
and that was actually participating in the --
the medical program and problem-based learning.
So I suddenly realized that actually --
it's actually very delightful.
So if anything, when I underwent a transformation in 1984.
So I'm not entirely sure what I can say as --
I suppose the only thing is that in trying to be a teacher, I --
I try to be as flexible as possible,
and not to be doctrinaire.
I mean I have my expectations,
the students have their expectations,
society has its expectations.
And somehow along the line we've got to mesh.
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