Halloween Glow Jars | At Home With P. Allen Smith

Uploaded by ehowhome on 19.10.2012

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Now we've all seen these very compelling and clever projects online that we're dying to
try out. And if you're like me, you might be hesitant to try them because you're not
sure if they really work. Well, my friend Mitchell is putting some of them to test.
Hi beautiful people! Let's make a Halloween craft. So I saw this online, and the idea
online was that you could make a glow lantern out of a Mountain Dew bottle. But today, we're
gonna do it in a mason jar, and I'm gonna do a bunch of them, and then I'm gonna line
my stairs and my pathway with them. I've never tried this, so we're gonna try it and see
what happens. You're supposed to put a 1/3 of a bottle of Mountain Dew in. So, I'm gonna
put a little baking soda in here. We're gonna use hydrogen peroxide, two capfuls. And close
the lid. It might help if I put the little lid cap in the inside. Put it on here. So
you shake it and you shake it because everything on the internet is real and everything works,
and everything on your friends Pinterest is right, right? Maybe, maybe you have to shake
it behind your back? They didn't say that in the instructions. But let's hit the lights
and see if it works. Because really, I need this to work because I need my stairs lit
on Halloween. You know, I just cannot believe that something that's on the internet wouldn't
work, right? Maybe we'll just do it the real way with glow sticks and glitter! Alright,
so, the real way. Now, what I'm going to do is use rubber gloves. I'm safe. So we've got
these glow sticks and we got them at the dollar store, which I love going to the dollar store.
So, we're gonna dump this in here. I'm gonna cut it with my kitchen scissors. It's hard
plastic, but it's not that big of a deal. And then this, when this breaks, this is what
makes it start glowing. So you wanna break that just by dropping it in. I'm gonna pull
this big piece out. I'm gonna pull a little bit of glitter in there because it'll look
really cool. And then we put it around. Now we can tell it's glowing and we don't even
have to turn off the lights to see that this looks amazing. And we've got about two hours
on this. So I'm gonna line my stairs with it and light the way. And look how cool that
looks. That worked too! I'm magic. Look how cool that looks. Now make sure that you wear
rubber gloves. And this wouldn't be something that you would leave your kid alone to do.
But it's not even that messy. All your spills that you need to get up are glowing, so they're
easy to see. And I made this with stuff I already had around my house -- the jar, the
glitter. I happen to have glow sticks, but if you need to go out and buy one, they're
like 50 cents. And have a safe and happy Halloween.