Rise of the Guardians: Official Trailer 2

Uploaded by DreamworksAnimation on 06.07.2012

>>Jack Frost: I've been around for a long time
My name is Jack Frost
I love being on my own
No rules, no responsibility.
It's as good as it sounds
>>Bunnymund: Hello Mate
Been a long time
Blizzard of '68 I believe
Easter Sunday wasn't it?
>>Jack Frost: You're not still mad about that, are ya?
>>Bunnymund: Yes
But this is about something else
>>North: There he is!
Jack Frost!
>>Jack Frost: Santa... Wow.
>>North: I hope the Yetis treated you well
>>Jack Frost: Yeah, I love being shoved in a sack and tossed through a magic portal
>>North: Oh! Good, that was my idea.
>>Jack Frost: The big 4, all together
Santa Claus
Tooth Fairy
and the Easter Kangaroo
>>Bunnymund: The what?
I'm a bunny.
>>North: It is our job to protect the children of the world
Now we face a threat greater than ever before
>>Pitch: What an adorable dream
What's more powerful?
It's fear.
>>North: We need your help
>>Jack Frost: Why me?
>>North: You have something very special inside
and we can't do it without you
Let's go!
Sandy, sandy!
Wake up!
>>Pitch: You cannot kill fear, Jack
>>Jack Frost: I am not afraid of you
>>North: We stand together
>>Jack Frost: You take the ones on the left
I'll take the ones on the right
>>Tooth: Wings up and take no prisoners!
>>Jack Frost: Am I on the naughty list?
>>North: Naughty list?
You hold record�