How to Achieve New Year's Resolutions : How to Make New Year's Resolution Lists

Uploaded by expertvillage on 22.01.2008

Hi! I'm Cat Tiffin with Expert Village and today I'm going to walk you through how to
make a New Year's resolution and to stick to it. First thing that I would do, which
here I am doing it, is make a list. New Year's resolutions. Put anything down that you would
actually like to change. Anything. At this point, nothing is a rediculous idea. First,
stop smoking. Put that down. Drink less. I'm not saying that you need to give up drinking,
but if you're one of those binge drinkers who go out and have 5 or 6 cocktails at a
time, maybe something you need to do is drink less. Get in swimsuit shape. Look better.
Nothing wrong with that. I'm always concerned with sports. I want to play football for the
49ers. Now, chances are it's probably not going to happen as I'm 34 years old and past
my prime, but it's something that we just put down anyway. Be more clean. Keep your
apartment nicer. Something we can all do. One more for good measure. Spend more time
with my dog. My best friend. Eats the same food everyday, plays with me whenever I want,
always happy to see me. A decent list to start with, and we'll go from here.