Taminka in Slovak News

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The sad story of 1,5 years old Tamarka from Presov is travelled across all Slovakia, when she became the poster girl for the Blood Donation Campaign.
The little girl, that has been fighting the malicious disease for almost a year, is not giving up.
She takes the chemotherapy treatments very badly, even her mother has had moments, when she thought that it was all was over.
She will talk about it the 2011 Heart for Children show, produced by Tv Joj and the Novy Cas newspaper.
Tamarka, the girl with a nice smile and happy eyes.
The little joker, that was pinned down by high fevers when she was nine and a half months old.
One examination led to another until mother with Tamarka ended up at oncology.
Diagnosis? Leukemia. Since then, hospital became Tamarka's home.
When we came home after the 2,5 months in hospital, it was a foreign environment to her.
Do you love daddy? No. No?
She can't get used to her bed at home, she likes the one in the hospital.
At the moment, she is not doing bad, but doctors await her on Monday for another round of never-ending chemotherapy .
The first ones were a real suffering for her.
Her tummy heart, her heart hurt, she was sweating terribly. She was barely standing on her feet.
Apart from the guardian angels, mother is also watching over Tamarka's bed.
She been there in some very difficult situations. Once she found Taminka all blue, that were endless minutes of resuscitation.
Come to mommy, come. Have you hit yourself, no?
I didn't want to loose her back then and I don't want to loose her now. I think Tamarka will keep on fighting.
Give me a little kiss…… Bapum… Bapum? We will go to Bapum (babka-grandmother).
The little fighter has enough trouble herself, but she was merely 1 year old when she started helping other people. She became the face for the Kvapka Krvi- Drop of Bloof campaign.
Her happy eyes add courage to her parents, who face an uneasy situation.
Father lost his job and they live of social money and donations.
Tamarka's mother believes it will end one day, that her daughter will no longer suffer and that however it will end, Tamarka will be the winner.
God will either help her or take her. Just not let her suffer longer.
Either she will live, so she will get out of this, or she really dies, and yes, one will have to learn to live with it.
From Presov, for TV JOJ, Vlado Jurek.