Trek Domane: IsoSpeed Technology

Uploaded by trekbikesusa on 30.03.2012

Trek IsoSpeed technology.
Smooth the road, speed the ride.
The rougher the road or the longer the ride,
the tougher it is to maintain a smooth pedal stroke and fresh legs.
Trek's high-performance, ultrasmooth solution:
IsoSpeed is a decoupler that isolates the movement of the seat tube from the rest of the frame,
so the seat tube is free to absorb more forces from the road.
That absorption is called vertical compliance,
and it means your bike soaks up road shock so you don't have to.
That means you're not bouncing around on the saddle,
so you're more comfortable and less fatigued.
Your rear wheel stays in better contact with the road on rough pavement,
giving you better traction and power transfer.
Result: you can stay on the gas longer.
Extensive testing shows that IsoSpeed offers twice the vertical compliance of its nearest competitor,
with no sacrifice to race geometry and no reduction in performance.
World Champion cyclist and rough road specialist Fabian Cancellara would settle for nothing less.
His weapon of choice for a full-gas assault on the cobbles:
Domane 6 Series.
With all the performance and twice the compliance,
it's perfect for a world champion, and for anyone who wants to ride faster, longer.