Behind the Scenes - BTS#9: Penguins!

Uploaded by runescape on 13.07.2012

Behind The Scenes Some Like It Cold
Hello and welcome to Runescape: Behind The Scenes.
It's a particularly chilling (and faintly fishy) tale this week
as we bring news of a brand new quest - Some Like It Cold.
It's the third entry in the penguin quest series,
so for those of you who haven't caught up, here's an impossibly quick refresher.
Deep breath!
It all begins at Ardounge Zoo, where Larry the loveable zookeeper wants help building a bird hide to observe penguins.
After heading to the iceberg, you both observe a secret meeting,
leading you to gather more info on the suspicious birds.
To do this, you build a penguin suit and infiltrate their secret underground base,
collecting instruments for friendly Penguins Ping and Pong
to create a distraction with whilst you sneak into the war room.
There, you discover evil plans to take over all of Runescape!
After fighting ice lords, you flee back to the zoo.
Here, Larry's accused of being insane for claiming to see a giant penguin,
so you run off to find giant footprints that will prove his story and free him.
Together, you interrogate a penguin from a submarine, meet the dwarves that built the submarine,
find the location of said submarine and successfully sabotage it.
Unfortunately for you, Larry is kidnapped and you're met by Penguin King Pescaling Pax.
Luckily, Polar Bear agent Chuck comes to your rescue,
but on completing the quest, Larry is still MIAů
Phew! Now that we're up to date, let's find out what's coming in the third instalment to the quest-line.
Some Like It Cold picks up the story in Ardougne Zoo when Chuck receives word on where Larry's been taken,
and it's up to you to help the furry agent follow up the lead
and return Larry to safety.
Larry is joined once again by his old friends the polar bears in battle,
but it's not the penguins he has to worry about this time,
it's the clapping seals and a particularly stiff-upper-lipped walrus that are the real problem.
A walrus with a British accent?
He's probably just been hanging around with four bowl-cut boys from Liverpool for too long.
But from Beatles to birds,
two familiar music loving penguins will also be showing up to lend a hand - or wing -
and they're determined to do it in style.
Completing the quest won't be easy,
and this epic adventure will see you solving all manner of puzzles and games.
Don't worry though, the rewards are sure to make all the effort worthwhile,
but we'll tell you more about just what those rewards will be
in a Behind the Scenes closer to the launch of this long-awaited quest.
You can begin limbering up now though,
by making sure that you have at least 56 Crafting, 50 Construction, 50 Thieving, and 65 Fishing.
Naturally, you'd also do well to have completed the "Hunt for Red Raktuber" too.
Oh, and dress up nice and warm, it's going to get very chillyů brrr.
That's all for this frosty edition of behind the Scenes.
Join us next week when we'll be warming up for the start of the Gielinor Games.