Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Gameplay (Playstation 2)

Uploaded by AndromedaDude on 14.11.2009

Radio: Meteorologists are tracking hurricane Hermione,
which has devistated five Carribean islands.
and is heading for Vice City.
More updates soon.
Man: You drive like shit Numb Nuts!
(Synthesized Rap Music)
(Talk Radio)
BJ Smith: ...and to step outside yourself
Like a astral projection, and police go Kent State on ya,
a, and people are crying and bleeding a, and pouncing each other,
in the face,
and that's just in the locker room before the game.
That's your idea of fun?!
(Talk Radio)
Amy: what owners are you talking about?
BJ Smith: The owners of the team, they gave me nothing.
They're the reason my marriage failed,
I worked my ass off all those years, sweating blood, a, a, and puking my soul out,
and they treat me like a tractor...
Tommy: Uhn!
(radio): Jeremy Robard: You know, Chavez, this weird Goth Guy,
He's got a point.
I mean, in many ways what he's talking about is
covered in my three step program, tape 17: "Motivate, demonstrate, then motivate again.".
Part 9.
"Facing Home Truth's.".
You see, we all have to face up to a few home truth's:
I'll never be Prom Queen, Jenny will never have her parents...
Maurice Chavez: I used to be a performance clown. Now I'm running a debate show.
Funny how things turn out, eh? (laughing)
Or is it?
That's the question you see, if we look upon life as a posi...
Vercetti Gang: Better tell him, Mario.
Tommy: No wonder you ended up being a cop.
(radio): Johnathan Freeloader: And suddenly, everyone has money to hand over to starving kids they've never even met. I think...
Tommy: Uh!
Cubans:(retching noises).
Vercetti Gang: You know I've been loyal.
Vercetti Gang: You gotta listen to this one, Man!
Vercetti Gang: I never asked your sister out, Man!
Vercetti Gang: I wouldn't do that!
Vercetti Gang: Hey, Mario!
Vercetti Gang1: I got those clothes you wanted, Man! Vercetti Gang 2: Forget about it!
Vercetti Gang: Forget about her Mario!
Vercetti Gang: what's going on?
Vercetti Gang 1: She's always giving me a hard time! Vercetti Gang 2: You know I've been loyal.
Vercetti Gang: What hardware have we got?
Vercetti Gang: What are you doing!?
Vercetti Gang: you better tell him, Mario. Mafia 2: What's going on?
Vercetti Gang: What should I do about her? Mafia 2: You did what!?
Vercetti Gang: Give me a break, I hate that woman.
Vercetti Gang: I wouldn't do that!
(Talk Radio)