How to replace a washing machine door seal on a Bosch washer

Uploaded by eSparesVideo on 14.01.2011

Hi, I’m Matt from eSares.
One of the most commonly replaced part on a front loader washing machine, like this
one, is the door seal, sometimes called the gasket. It obviously gets wet during every
wash cycle and water can often get left sat at the bottom there and eventually that can
cause the seal to perish and leak. So if you ‘ve got water leaking from the front of
your machine, do check the seal, that is the most likely cause. So I’m going to show
you how to replace the door seal on this Bosch WFL2260 model. Everything may be laid out
slightly differently on your make and model but it should give you a good idea of how
easy it is to replace a door seal.
Now, safety first: do make sure you’re unplugged from the mains before you do any work on an
electrical appliance. To replace the door seal, we need to remove the whole of the front
of the machine and to do that, I’m going to start by taking off the panel. So we’ve
got a couple of screws here holding the panel on. They’re torqueshead screws and you can
get a full set of torques bits on the eSpares website. I’m actually going to use a torques
bit on an electric drive to speed things up. Ok so that’s the top panel off. I just need
to take out the soap dispenser, that just clicks open like that. And now I’m going
to take off this fascia. Now I’ve got one screw on this side to undo, and three screws
over here. Do keep these screws separate because they’re stainless steel, so they don’t
rust. So the fascia and the control panel there, I can just pop that on the top and
this kick strip or kick plate just clips away, the drain hose there. Just put that to one
side. Now I just need to remove this retaining clip which is holding the door seal against
the front of the machine. Lots of different ways that these retaining clips works. This
one just pops off like so. Just get the door seal and push it inside like that. Now, I’ve
just got four screws that are now holding the front of the machine on. There, there
and these two on the door interlock. So now I can pull the front of the machine and the
door completely away from the machine.
Now this model has this large counterweight going all the way around the drum. If yours
is like this and you don’t feel you have enough room to work, then it’s probably
a good idea to remove that counterweight. I think I’ve probably got enough room to
get the old seal off. You should be able to see that there is a spring retaining band
going all the way round. I should be able to just work that off and pull the whole seal
away. So there we go, I’ve got my old seal, we throw that away. My new seal, and I’m
going to keep the retaining band. Now when it comes to putting the new seal on, we’ve
got to look for these new drain holes, they need to be positioned at 6 o’clock and then
it’s just a case of working the new seal onto the drum as best you can. There we go,
so that’s the new seal in place against the drum all the way round. Just check the
drain holes are still down at 6 o’clock. Now, all I’ve got to do is get my retaining
spring and put that back into its little ridge. Just give it a final check. That’s great.
There we go, that’s my new door seal fitted.
Now, all I need to do is to start putting everything back together again. So now I just
need to get the door seal and attach it to the front of the machine, just need to work
it round and make sure it goes over that lip. There we go, that’s on all the way round.
Now, I’ll just take my retaining band and put that on at the bottom and sides. There
we go, that’s done. There we go, a new door seal on this Bosch washing machine. Door seals
are available for all makes and models of washing models on the eSpares website. Thanks
for watching.