Loreen visits the Azerbaijan Feminist Group during Eurovision

Uploaded by LoreenDailyorg on 18.05.2012

Loreen you visited a center for women in Azerbaijan. What impression did you get?
A very positive impression. Especially from all the people who work there.
Yeah from everyone there, but a very positive impression I got. Or mixed, I must say.
You notice all the prerequisites very fast. And it is very primitive.
You can see that these women who work there really take everything they have
and try to find somewhere to build a forum for young and older women. And it’s a struggle.
But they’re still happy. So therefore, I feel a grief-joy. It is very important with these kind of forums.
Really, and I felt it when I talked to the girls that they can have a space with information.
For these girls who are there to give the young girls lots of information.
In what they have for opportunities because many of them don’t even know what their opportunities are.
So that they have somewhere to keep their dreams and go their own way.
Why did you want to go there?
For the reason when it comes to human rights issues. They’re really important.
I’ve lived with it beside me, I’ve had relatives who lived in deficient
and I have seen cousins who have been married off young and in Morocco, it is not balanced between men and women.
It is not obvious that a woman doing the same things as men. And it isn’t okay.
These questions have affected me very much. That is the reason I was there.
Because I hope that I can inspire all the girls to continue to go there and do not forget themselves.
For it is often the marriage that makes them lose themselves, because it’s such a pressure.
You all sat down and talked in a circle and you got to hear some stories from the girls who come here.
Which story made most impression on you?
Everyone’s story made a big impression on me.
But Sabina is a girl who talked about that she wanted wanted to become an architect
but her father didn’t allow her because he wanted her to become an economist, so she had to read about that.
I asked her what would happen if she had gone with her own dreams and not listening to her father
and she said “then I would be robbed of everything, and I would not be welcome home” and it is a form of blackmail,
so she was forced to take that option she didn’t want and these kinds of stuff hurts. It’s her life.
She would spend time on something that someone else told her. That story hurt me in the soul.
Except that I was very pleased with these girls who are not afraid to talk about what they think and what they’ve been through.
There is no shame in them. They are very open and it’s rare on the notion that it’s a Muslim country.
These girls were talking about what they had been through and I respect that.
We have to change their mentality, that’s where it starts. It starts with the humans.
And now you’re back to Eurovision again, would you like to do more things here?
If I have to be honest I’ll do as much as I can. There has been no free time for me.
The only thing I’ve done is go to the Feminist Group and some other things and organizations, I’ll do as much as I can.
I can change I can inspire so use me.
Thank you and good luck.
Thank you too.