A Encarnação de Jesus

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Moment of Reflection
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
try to understand this extraordinary and wonderful TRUTH OF OUR CHRISTIAN FAITH:
The Incarnation of Jesus.
Original Sin, so called because it was committed in the origin of humanity,
was largely rescued by REDEMPTION. Here's how:
God had mercy on mankind and deliver us from hell
and restore the right of inheritance in heaven, the Second Person of the Trinity;
who is the Son, deigned to become man and take a body and a soul like ours.
The Son of God made man, called Jesus Christ.
There are therefore two natures in Jesus Christ:
the divine nature and human nature, and one person:
The Second Person of the Trinity.
The Son of God became man without ceasing to be God.
The Father became man, nor the Holy Spirit.
The Son has always been God as the Father and the Holy Spirit, but there was always a man;
became incarnate, became flesh, that is, began to be a man, about two thousand years.
The Son of God took a body and soul in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary
and was conceived by the Holy Spirit.
Not intervened in His Conception the work of man, as for the birth of other children;
IS THE MYSTERY OF THE INCARNATION, whose feast is celebrated on 25 March
Notice: The Virginity of Mary is attested by all the prophets and prophecies,
without exception, have been fulfilled:
"A virgin shall conceive and bear a Son ..." (Isaiah 7:13-14);
For the Gospel when it announced by the Archangel Gabriel
to conceive and bear a Son, Mary objected:
"How can this be, if I do not know man?"
Now Mary was already the wife of St. Joseph
Then the Archangel S.Gabriel reveals to him the mystery of ENCARÇAÇÃO:
"You come upon the Holy Spirit and power of the Almighty upon you extend His Shadow.
So it is that the Holy to be born there, calling himself the Son of God "(Luke 1:35).
For further confirmation of the Virgin Mother of God,
This allowed a terrible doubt assailed the spirit of St. Joseph
Before the pregnancy of his wife, decided to separate themselves secretly
when an angel appeared to him in a dream and said:
"Joseph son of David, fear not to take Mary, thou wife,
because what is conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit "(Matthew 1: 19-20).
The Son of God came into the world on Christmas Eve, having been born in a stable.
Eight days later, he was circumcised and gave him the name Jesus, meaning Savior
(As had imposed the Angel to St. Joseph, foster father of Jesus,
responsible to defend and ensure He and His Immaculate Mother).
He lived about 33 years on earth, at work and in poverty and practice of all virtues.
He spent the last three years to teach his doctrine,
and made a large number of miracles to prove His divinity.
But, apart from His miracles and His claims of the Gospel,
Christ demonstrated His divinity by His Resurrection and the foundation and perpetuity of His Church.
It is further proof of the divinity of Christ,
having been held in it all that the prophets were announcing
for thousands of years about the Messiah.
(See Unknown Treasures)
Dear brothers, this is the story of the INCARNATION!
We ask ourselves, but why the Son of God became man? In the next video reply.
The Blessing of God the Merciful Father, Son - who became man like us
- And the Holy Spirit descend upon you and remain forever. - Amen.