Basketball Dribbling Tips & Tricks : What to Avoid when Dribbling a Basketball

Uploaded by expertvillage on 02.02.2008

Let's talk about the don'ts of dribbling. Two things to point out quickly would be palming
the ball or carrying the ball. We've talked about how to hold the ball, the proper hand
grip. Fingertips and palm, a little bit of your palm. Definitely not flat handed like
this. That would be somewhat palming. Palming would be basically that. Almost palming the
ball. When it comes up off of the bounce, kind of holding it for a pause, pushing it
down. It's got to stay bouncing and moving up and down on your fingertips. You can't
come up and hold here for a second and then push down. The carry, what you might see a
lot of people do because they can't control the ball very well, is they might carry the
ball. Carrying is when you're actually coming over top of the ball from underneath. You're
actually carrying the ball. A lot of people do that because they can't control keeping
their ball on top. What they also do it for is not just anybody who can't control the
ball. It allows you to do more things obviously, when you can cup under the ball, come on top
of it, and carry it. You can push it around a little bit easier, so we have to stay away
from that too because that's a violation.