Biology Colloquium Program

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Welcome to Biology Colloquium.
I'm Kathryn Hanna, the faculty director for the program.
Biology Colloquium was started in the turbulent 1970s
by a group of students and ever since then
it's been a student-led, student-run course.
In the course you'll have the chance to do
fun, educational experiences,
get the feel of what research might be like,
and get exposed to lots of different
career possibilities.
In this video you'll see many examples,
so welcome to Biology Colloquium.
Biology Colloquium offers lots of opportunities
to get involved in the variety of careers
available within biology.
The class meets as a large group to hear from
professionals about their research and
area of expertise.
And also meets as a small group to go on tours
around campus and around the Twin Cities
to explore different labs and resources
available to students here at the U.
Through BCQ I joined the physical heart lab
and I've been there for two and a half years.
I research a variety of subjects, ranging from
the cellular level to whole animal systems.
Biology Colloquium has been a great chance
to network with many faculty.
Oh, I have one thing to say. Best experience ever.
I am a proud graduate of the University of Minnesota.
My undergraduate degree is in physiology.
I began as a biology major under the broad
subject heading -- biology.
It's a lot to expect freshmen to decide which
part of that huge subject that they're maybe
going to specialize or major in.
Biology Colloquium offers the opportunity to
explore and investigate all of the various aspects
of the giant subject called biology.
Because of BCQ I have been at the Ebner lab
doing research in neuroscience all through
college and even got the opportunity to
present my project at the capitol.
I've been able to gain experience in everything
from computer programming to neuroscience research
and it's been a great experience.
I wouldn't have found my vocation
had it not been for Biology Colloquium.
No, neither would I. Not without all those jokes
and getting together with people who had
different interests so we could see
what we were going to do.
It was great. Small groups were great.
We got to explore so many different areas of biology,
microbiology, public health, the Raptor Center.
The Raptor Center, of course, yes.
It was a great time. It really was a great time.
I would agree. Best experience here at the University.