Slightly-Mad Science Colorful and Fiery Chemistry

Uploaded by TaoOfPooh26 on 30.09.2011

Welcome to a new Slightly-Mad Science!
What is this fiery display, you might ask?
Why it's methanol.
Also known as methyl alcohol or wood alcohol.
It's commonly used in antifreeze, windshield washer fluid, as well as fuel for race cars and monster trucks.
This makes a pretty neat display, but I felt it needed some extra color...AND SCIENCE!
The chemicals I selected were chosen based on the color they emit, as well as how well they dissolve in methanol
which was both the fuel and used as the solvent to separate the element I wish to ignite.
Keep in mind this demonstration is dangerously-stupid, do not attempt this yourself.
And now for your Slightly-Mad Moment of Mental Mastication.
In other words for you dirty minds out there, something for your brain to chew on.
This is scaled up version of what sort of "test" that you might perform in a school chemistry lab?
And secondly determining the elemental properties of something based off the colors they emit
when burning or otherwise giving off electromagnetic energy is what kind of analysis?
This has been Slightly-Mad Science, and thank you for watching.