Derivative of sin2x | TI-89 Calculator | Every Step Calculus

Uploaded by Tommynnnnn on 15.11.2012

this is a TI-89 step-by-step program app for the derivative
of sin2x
or some function within the parentheses
to get to my main menu you press second alpha
to enter the letters i_n_d_e_x and then press alpha again to enter the
8 and the open and closed
press enter and your into my menu
you scroll to where your choice is
in this calculus calculator program app
i'm demonstrating how to solve step-by-step the derivative of
you can see the choices here of on some my menu many many things projecting A on B
quadratic formula, quotient rule relative extrema, that's graphing by
but we're going to do the derivative of sin2x
so we go down to sine of A to the X derivative
and press enter
you can do cosine or sine
we're going to enter the function you have to press alpha before you enter
anything in my programs
and so we're gonna do
sine of
press enter
I show you what you've entered
corrected if you want to say it's okay
I give you the chain rule formula
you write this stuff all in your paper to get the step-by-step calculations
U equals five x etcetera
derivative of f of u sine of x cosine of u
and so you have your answer here five times cosine of five x
pretty neat huh?
pass calculus and enjoy my programs