Gönülçelen )) Episode 23 - Part 1/7 [English Subtitles]

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Can I have a bagel please
Thank you.. have a good day
are these the ones?
yes thanks
are you getting a cold?
no no don’t worry I'll be fine
let me make you a hot drink
I'll have one at school thanks
(Notice the Song.....Ah!)
Hello Bahar.. how are you?
Hello Mrs. Nesrine.. How are YOU?
I don't want to take a lot from your time
last time we met fast
and we didn't have the chance to talk
if you can spare some time
would you like to come by to have a cup of coffee?
of course I would love it
is after 5pm a convenient time for you?
can we meet now?
- now? - yes
Ok. but I need Mr. Murat permission
I'll wait for your confirmation
Bahar.. I would like to keep this visit a secret for now
I'll call you back
see you soon
Let's meet Mrs. Nesrin
what's up? You seem down in the dumps
no I was just thinking about Hasret.. you know
she was singing very nicely.. and Murat hoca was with her
he came in the middle of the night with a huge gramaphone
yes but it was apparently a present for her in the first place
Hey girl...Mrs. Saime
you don't get upset if I called you girl
please dear.. of course not
You know they were dads records.. He was a sensitive person
he used to listen to music each night..
Was he ? ( a sensitive man)?
he was
never mind him bloody unbalanced..
he never called us not even once..
to ask if we're doing good or hungry.. never
Oh do you think cobra would run away like him as well?
no way he won't do such a thing?
what if he leaves me?
Don’t do this to yourself
and as if cobra did run away..why cry now??
I'm not crying?
Who would accept him anyway with his silly hat!
What a laugh.. with that silly hat? Who would want him?
good morning..
good morning
well are you coming or should I go?
when I saw you suddenly..
you were surprised
so let me surprise you even more where would you like to go now?
aren’t we going to school?
but I've a lesson.. I mean we both have a lesson..
we'll go to the next lesson
You? You're gonna actually skip school?
Yes.. but don’t worry.. I'll get even in the second lesson
yes Bahar?
good morning Mr. Murat can I go out for an hour
Is there anything wrong?
No.. No.. nothing wrong
I just need to meet a friend visiting from out of town
Ok Bahar.. not important
I won't come to the first lesson anyway
can you distribute the new notes to the class before the lesson
Ok. Mr. Murat
Ok. see you later
did you have breakfast?
I had a bagel
oh no.. you must be full
I was thinking we could have breakfast
actually I didn't eat all of it.. only two bites..
and I gave some of it to the birds too..
so you must have room in your stomach then
a little yes
Is Mr. Murat not coming really?
Yes. He wanted me to give you these notes
If this April Foul?
Would Mr. Murat do such a thing?
He must have an urgent matter
where is Hasret?
She didn't come yet
maybe she's late
Ok. Then you give her these notes
you seem pale..
no no I'm fine
Did you like it?
yes.. If they had bagels it would be nicer
they have some here
no I want the ones sold on the street
Oh I had spared the rest of the bagel in my bag..
There.. now we have bagels too
bless you.. you must have caught a cold last night?
no no I'll be fine in a couple of hours
and yesterday was not a night to be catching a cold..
was it not?
yes. It was not
don’t worry I'm not sick.. I'm fine
how are you
fine thanks and you
I'm fine too.. I'm glad you came
You're welcome
Murat says you work hard and you're very well educated
Have you been abroad for a long time?
yes just arrived in Istanbul recently
I actually called you to talk to you about Murat
where are you going?
I have to go to work
I brought eggs so we can have a nice omelet together
maybe next time
when you get married tell you wife to make us good omelet
look I did not forget about you
Cobra help me in my problem and I'll do anything you want
whenever I see her... I can't speak
I understand you're shy.. don't worry
where have you been all these years?
OK OK I'll help you
I said OK
I'll organize your life... organization is my job I'm a manager
you go now
look wait.. How do you make an omelet?
oh I forgot the album of Itri
we can pick it from home
I'll ask Bahar and she'll have it picked up from home
I guess she makes it easy for you about work huh?
yes she's very helpful
Shall we stroll down the sea front for a bit?
you must know how successful Murat is
Whatever he did it was a huge success.. He has talent
I heard the last concert was fabulous too.. especially with Hasret
all Hasret has done is bringing chaos to the family
I wanted to make Murat erase this mistake but
he is so stubborn.. He kept working hard with Hasret
he was so tired and worn out in the end
so he left music
He was always unlucky with women..
once I thought he had found the right person…