HITMAN 101 - Episode 10: Our Fallen Brothers

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I'm so sorry to bother you but my puppy broke off of her leash and
ran under your vehicle and I could really use some help getting her out.
My vehicle?
Yeah, Every time I go to grab her she just scurries to the other side out of reach.
I could really, really use your help.
Our Fallen Brothers
The charity fund?
You know of it?
Yeah, it's a fucking old wives tale, a campfire story.
Is it?
Sorry to be a dick but I didn't drive all the way out here so you could tell me your
conspiracy theories
about a mythical think tank sect of our force that we all indirectly help fund.
I have a fucking serious case one that you have ties to.
I need solid info.
In all my life I have never worked a more cut and dry case than Nikolai Corsev.
We had an orgy of evidence against him.
His DNA was everywhere.
Her DNA all over his clothes.
A signed fucking confession by that sadistic fuckhole.
The only thing in question
was whether he'd get the chair or not.
Three times it went to vote, three times it wasn't unanimous.
A hung jury on a clear cut conviction.
And somehow Nikolai disappeared.
And I found this
on my porch.
Detective Pierce
You are an excellent detective
who did an exemplary job on the capture and charge of N C
He is with us now and trust us when we say he will get what's coming to him.
Do not pursue this further
it is over.
But know that you have helped your fellow brothers in righting wrongs.
Signed O F B.
Is this some sort of joke?
The one thing that has never come out
and that only a select few people know
is that Natalie Bryce
the eighteen year old girl
that Nikolai Corsev brutally raped and murdered
was the illegitimate daughter of Terry Harrow.
The Terry Harrow?
Yes the Terry Harrow.
The infamous police slaying gangster.
Who evaded what was coming to him by turning state's evidence and becoming property of the feds.
An eye for an eye?
I suppose.
Word is he adored her.
My guess is we didn't get our justice
the payback was neither would his daughter.
Why the body trail now?
Terry never stopped being a ruthless gangster
he still has his reach.
He probably figured out there was a fix.
It does appear one of our jurors came into some money recently.
There you go and I bet you dollars for doughnuts
that if you dug deep enough
You'd find out that Terry dropped off the grid.
Feds only care for so long.
I don't get it though if this was really conspired by an underground police society
would they really put innocent juror lives at risk?
Our Fallen Brothers is about touching the untouchables.
Going to extremes to get those fuckers who seem above the law
even if it means collateral damage.
But then again how innocent are you
if you take a bribe to prevent a rapist murderer from conviction.
So what they
played chess with Terry Harrow and in the end got mated.
Guess they didn't think that many moves ahead.
So when does it finish? How many jurors voted no?
I was told three, one for each time they voted.
So that's it then
body count ends and whoever did this is gone.
What the fuck Madsen?
I thought you aced the exam.
What does that have to do with anything?
A jury can't hang itself.
Oh shit
the judge.
He's only eight months old.
Quite little.
This isn't my vehicle
I don't who's this is.
Do you think you could still help me out?
She's just around the far back tire.
What the hell?
A man and woman nabbed him this morning.
Neighbours witnessed an attractive couple lure him outside and they subdued him,
drove off in a silver S U V.
License plate?
Of course not
Apparently it was either covered or taken off.
Why was I so blind?
Sometimes you're the windshield sometimes you're the bug.
Hey it's Cole.
It may not mean shit anymore
but I had patrol handing out pics of our butt buddy John Smith since the Nelson Lee slaying
and we just got a hit on the picture.
Some downtown escort said she saw him recently
An outcall.
We're efforting an address as we speak.
We lost, Cole.
Then again we were never in the game.
Fuck it, may as well check it out.
Maybe he forgot his toothbrush.
I'll meet you at the station.
Thanks for the help.
I wouldn't call that help.
True I'd be committed if i tried to use any of what you told me as the basis of the case.
[Pierce] Why do you think I'm a drunk ex-cop
[Pierce] sitting in a trailer
[Pierce] in the middle of nowhere
[Pierce] telling you
[Pierce] old wives' tales.
Is this it for us?
You tell me
I was gonna suggest that you come away with me
someplace sunny.
But if I'm gonna look foolish doing it then please stop me before I ask.
You wouldn't look foolish.
I'm sorry.