Camp CommUNITY and MCA Impact - 60th Anniversary Video

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Our world has changed over the last twenty five years and at the very beginning just kids
of different religions and ethnic and
racial backgrounds socioeconomic backgrounds just being in the same place at the same time
was unique in and of itself and there was a lot of very basic learning.
Over the years that people that participate are coming with more life experiences
more exposure and so they are addressing issues
and actually making a commitment to spend a week
sharing with people who are very different from themselves.
>>I went as a a sixteen year old girl from a very
typical background
in the sense that it was middle class
christian, a school where everybody pretty much looked like me and had the same background as me
religion there wasn't a lot of diversity in my world when i went to camp. When I returned
from camp I realized what an experience
I had to get out of the world and to meet people
in the world who were not like me.
One of the ways I think
that camp changed who I was was to
not make not make those snap judgements that are really almost human nature that we meet somebody
you tend to size them up just on the first few moments with them.
I continue to work on
meeting new people and getting to know them and beyond the surface people.
>>People that I would never have talked to you or I would just brushed off as weird
or their awkward or I don't understand why they do what they do
like I understood them and we bonded on a deeper level
than people I hang out with at school. >>Everybody has hard times ok whatever
>>but the specific hard times people have shape them into who they are. So at camp when
I got to hear a friend of mine
not talk about a specific event that she went through
I realizes that that's why she is a certain way. It made me appreciate her for who she was
and kind of understand my friendship with her.
>>Being a camp literally gave me a new start and in that new start was an opportunity for me to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually.
And in doing that, having had that as my jump start
is a deep desire and passion to come back and serve other young people
to hopefully try to spark something similar as what happened to me.
>>June sixth two thousand, Dear diary, I got back from camp anytownm on saturday it was a blast everyone there accepted you for yourself
and didn't judge you. It was a great experience. For four days I didn't have to do anything
but be Erika.
What else can you say, a camp that just allows you to be yourself,
that's very powerful.
>>I have had the experience to meet people from different faiths
and that they've opened my eyes not only to my own faith but to theirs as well
it is something that stays in my heart
ever since then it is something that i have
carried with me the the life changing experience and getting to know who you are as a person
and learning how to
develop relationships
with those around you that may not look like you
or come from the same background that you do.
>>I found out that if the people get along together and they can really talk one on one
almost all of them like the people they talk to.
>>But people began to believe in the power of one
to be able to come back and be the example that they want to see in this world
and were are able to change lives.
We're able to walk through our communities and let them know that they belong.
>>I'm taking it into my ministry I'm taking it into just the community at large
and attempting to allow people to see
what is really out and what is really offered
by people of other religions, of other cultures, other lifestyles you really start opening it up and seeing
that just what is in our little box or in our little families or in our little communities
is not all what there is all to offer. There is so much more out there and people are willing to share that
with you and they were interested in hearing about your box.
>>What Camp CommUNITY and MCA does is
so crucial to the success of educating our youth
>>The biggest change I saw in my daughter was her sensitivity to others.
We are a family that tends to be a little sarcastic and harsh we are hard on one another,
we tend to be hard on the world.
When she came back open and aware of how
just a small comment you think you are saying as you are driving
can affect how your kids feel about a certain race.
It changed all of us and made us all aware of what we are doing
definitely what we can do differently.
>>From birth I think I have lived the mission
even though I grew up in new york city,
which you think is the most diverse city in the world,
I still was faced with quite a bit of racism and bigotry
and I think growing up
I had to make a choice
between dealing with it with anger
or with empathy
and I think fortunately for me I chose the empathy route.
So the mission of the multicultural alliance really speaks to me and resonates with me because
while we have made a lot of strides we just need to continue doing that to the future.
>>Inclusion begins with the core belief that
everyone deserves dignity
and respect.
We're all about creating a more inclusive community here,
bringing together people from different backgrounds
to respect each other to care about each other
and ultimately to
get along and work well together to make a better community.
This is an opportunity for our community to become more than sum of our parts. Happy Sixtieth
Anniversary Multicultural Alliance
Happy Anniversay Multicultural Alliance [in many languages]