Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 2.

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{\a6} Brought to you by the Gods of the East Subbing Squad
If you took the book then you should have paid me.
Wang Seobang, you jerk!
I nearly suffocated to death.
Do you have a brain?
I nearly got into danger because of you.
Why did you follow me here?
I came here to take the book money.
I said that if you took the book, you should leave the book money behind.
Hand it over, fifty nyang.
What? You lost him?
Do not be so angry.
The pleasures of schemes and entrapments
always come from a reversal in the plot.
Is this fellow not a weirdo?
I originally perceived him to be an articulate, all-rounded scholar,
but I never knew that his martial arts was just as extraordinary.
He really is a talented person!
Hey, what are you talking about?
Do not tell me,
you do not have money on you.
I will give it to you when I retake the test.
I can assure you.
You lead the way.
Even if I have to barge into your bedchamber, I will definitely get the money.
I, Lee Seon Joon,
will not go back on my word over a mere fifty nyang.
A mere fifty nyang?
This is a promise between us two men.
I will definitely return you the money.
Let us meet at the exam in two days' time.
I will not attend the exam,
so you have to...
return the book money to the bookstore by tomorrow at the latest.
Then, who do I ask for?
Kim Yoon Shik.
Look for Kim Yoon Shik.
Scholar Kim Yoon Shik.
You should take the exam using that name.
Are you not resentful of the people who achieve power by selling their knowledge?
Do you not hope that politics can care for the poor starving commoners?
Then you should become an upright official,
so do not just write it on my garments,
but express your ideals on the exam paper for His Royal Highness to see.
It would be a shame to waste your great literary talents substituting for others.
Rich or poor, high ranking or low ranking,
not dependent on pulling strings,
anyone can become an official through their efforts.
You really believe in that?
You think it can be achieved by just taking an imperial exam?
Do not think of the great Joseon country to be that way.
I heard that during the preliminary exam,
there was a very intelligent student.
{\a6}[The preliminary exam is the round of exams before the finals]
He should be your son right?
Please forgive me, Your Highness.
Do not say that.
In the past, I am ashamed to say that I have always been disregarding the preliminary exams.
Therefore, during the Final Exams,
I will pay greater attention to it.
{\a6}[Final entrance exam]
During tomorrow's final exam,
it will take place in the form of a personal visitation.
{\a6}[Personal visitation: The King Visiting The Exam Venue]
There will be no tolerance for indecent methods of obtaining the answers.
All scholars must strictly follow the rules
in order to avoid being treated unfairly.
I came to collect the money.
Did a person by the name of Lee Seon Joon come here?
You should give the money to me
if you went out to send the books.
He did not come?
Whether it's Lee Seon Joon or Jo Seon Joon, he did not come.
I knew it would be like this.
Just wait until I teach him a lesson...
Hold on.
A person has requested for a substitute test-taker.
Did you not hear that there will be a personal visitation this time round?
All the others have already given up.
If you are caught doing it in front of His Royal Highness,
do not even think about living anymore.
Just as expected, it cannot be done.
Life really is the most important.
Really, why are you so impatient?
I am just saying it would be more costly.
You must
be able to pay me 100 nyang.
The person needing the substitute will find you, so be sure to stay where you are.
If you were to make a single mistake, you will be rewarded with doses of poison.
I want you to become mine.
I will send over a palanquin in three days time.
Please mount the palanquin.
Why is she not here yet?
Please give me some time.
I want to bid my family farewell.
There's someone who still has not arrived yet.
You fool, hurry up and get out of the way!
The girl...
Where on earth did the girl go to?
His Royal Highness the King has arrived.
Here are the exam questions.
Are you waiting for someone?
Could it be,
the one who asked you to substitute?
Wang, Wang Seobang?
Today is His Royal Highness' personal visitation day,
you really are intense.
The person who hired you as a substitute,
was me.
W... What?
Over here, examination officer,
there is someone who has violated the rules of the exam.
It is the High Minister's son Lee Seon Joon.
Who is this extremely daring fool?
It is I.
I had a slip of hand and accidentally got his answer script dirty.
{\a6}[Answer script for the Imperial Exam]
Please give him a new set of papers.
Take your identification tag out.
I need to see your identification tag to verify your name and give you new test papers.
Scholar Kim Yoon Shik.
You should take the exam using that name.
Hurry up and take out your identification tag!
Do you not want to take the exam anymore?
You shall receive 100 whippings as punishment.
Pull him out this instant!
Entrance violation.
An unauthorized person entering an exam venue is considered unacceptable,
{\a6}[Entrance Violation: An unauthorized person entering an exam venue]
do you not know that?
I am Kim Yoon Shik from Namsan Village.
Anyone who hands up a blank paper will receive 100 whippings.
Why did you do that to me?
I said before,
it would be a shame to waste your great literary talents substituting for others.
I do not know if it will go as you said.
Today, I have to get the book money no matter what,
so you better not try and run away.
Wanting me to become an upright official?
In your dreams.
What is that for?
Why close the doors?
Did something happen?
The results of today's exams,
by the imperial decree of His Royal Highness the King, will be announced today.
What does that mean?
His Royal Highness the King will publicly announce the people who have passed.
His Royal Highness will personally select them?
And right at this time?
The scholars whose names have been called,
please proceed to the front.
His Royal Highness will personally ask you some questions.
The Kim Family.
Hyun Jung from the Kim family.
Are you really going to leave His Royal Highness as he is?
It is only just a few Sungkyunkwan scholars participating in an exam.
Not only does he personally visit,
he also judges them in person.
Isn't he excessively unnecessary?
Are you unaware of the matters at hand my lord?
Do you really not know what His Royal Highness is doing?
Always trampling on the Noron Faction,
and Sungkyunkwan, no,
even the imperial court administration is slowly being pushed out the door.
By then,
would you be able to secure the passing of your son?
There is no choice.
If he cannot overcome even the slightest bit of problem,
it will not be of any use to us even if he makes it as an official.
The Kim Family.
Yoon Shik.
Are you the one who wrote this essay, Kim Yoon Shik?
Yes, Your Highness.
Do you think you can still live,
after making a fool out of me?
My deepest apologies, Your Highness.
What was the exam topic that I set?
"To Understand And Use Words That Traces Your Ambition To Suceed As An Official In The Court"
However, how did you answer?
Hurry up and say it!
I have knowledge from memorizing the classics,
so I originally entered the exam
as a substitute test-taker,
but cancelling that thought in front of strict laws,
I am not a sinner who commited a crime.
But I did not achieve the fulfillments of an official,
so I have no right to pursue a career as one.
That was my answer.
Who is it?
Since he wanted you to be a substitute,
he must be here.
In front of His Royal Highness, hurry up and say who it is.
That person is...
That person is...
He didn't come.
He is lying!
That person...
is me, Your Highness.
So you are saying that my son asked for a substitute test-taker?
Is this real?
I am afraid so my lord.
How could one disgrace one's own father like this?
The paper that you submitted,
is undoubtedly the best out of the bunch.
However, it is not suitable for you to hire a substitute.
Kim Yoon Shik was really hired by me as a substitute, Your Highness.
The Kim Yoon Shik that I know,
is not only highly proficient in the classics and poetry,
but also has a kind heart that cares for the poor and needy commoners.
Because of his poor family background and the constant strifes beween the political powers,
his chances of becoming an official were slim,
so he originally did not even consider taking the exam.
Are you trying to give him a chance?
For Kim Yoon Shik?
This is also for my own path.
If a man of Kim Yoon Shik's talents cannot pass the imperial exam.
If the premise of a rich family background and a good political connection
were the standards to which a man can become an official,
if this was what made the great Joseon,
then I think...
Then I was planning on declining my acceptance.
So you are saying that you brought Kim Yoon Shik as a substitute just to test me?
Is that what you meant to do?
If I were to become an official now,
Your Highness would be the commander I would follow until I die.
A man must not fear death.
Making a fool out of me while disregarding the law of the land,
I will not lightly forgive the two of you.
I shall give Kim Yoon Shik and Lee Seon Joon
the most severe punishment.
Kim Yoon Shik,
stand up and let me look at your face properly.
Go to Sungkyunkwan!
I order Kim Yoon Shik and Lee Seon Joon to live at Sungkyunkwan,
{\a6}[Receiving education while residing at Sungkyunkwan]
where you will continually study day and night,
holding on to your virtuous beliefs,
and return back to serve me.
The Joseon that the two of you dreamt about.
is what I want to see.
This is my command to you.
no Your Royal Highness
My body,
is in bad health.
I cannot live and study there.
Your Royal Highness,
Please understand!
Where is the Royal Doctor?
Yes, I am at your service Your Royal Highness.
It is this precious official here.
Hurry, and attend to him.
Your- Your Royal Highness
Hm? How can this be?
What sickness is it?
Is it critical?
Your Royal Highness
This person
Is not a man, but a woman.
How can a woman in man's clothes enter the examination grounds?
Disregarding national law and thinking such abashed thoughts,
Your Royal Highness,
This girl needs to be taken out right now,
And be sentenced to death at midnight!
We will do that!
Kim Yoon Shik,
accept my Imperial Order.
I will follow the order,
with my whole heart, Your Royal Highness.
But, your complexion...
No! It's not like that!
I, am fit to the bone to study for the scholar examination,
I can continually study day and night.
I have no sickness at all.
S-so please.
Your face, it really is unforgettable
Nok Bin Hong An, should be describing people like you right?
{\a6}[Nok Bin Hong An: Jet Black Hair And A Pretty Face]
Up until now, no one has ever submitted such an honest scroll.
Kim Yoon Shik
will remember this face.
I am correct.
Anyone recognized by me, Lee Seon Joon,
- will definitely pass. - I told you right?
- I told you right?
That I do not care about any imperial exam.
What kind of hero, that died for the country would covet these things?
I'll just leave it to you people who live life without meaning, for thousands and thousands of years onwards.
You should admit it.
Joseon isn't as bad as you think it is.
Are you saying that Joseon is charming or something?
And what matter does that have with me?
What can such a glorious Joseon do for me?
I have thought wrong.
You're just like them.
Instead of being self-motivated,
you just hold your grudges to a side,
and only care about hating the world,
you leave no possibility to see what chances you have in front of you.
Such cold-blooded humanity.
If I had known this would happen, it would have been good.
Then I wouldn't have had to go through this hassle.
Like I said,
stop acting so arrogant and give me my money.
The money that you promised me.
Including a day's interest, all of it!
Book fee 50 nyang,
interest 2 nyang.
A total of 52 nyang.
If you want to be so clear cut, then think it through better.
Sungkyunkwan students are provided with free medical supplies.
If you are planning to heal your brother's sickness,
entering Sungkyunkwan is the best choice.
The allowance too, given to the students,
is not little.
But to think that you can't even do such little calculations,
You wouldn't be of any assistance to the citizens even if you became an official.
50 Nyang?
You're saying, that you're lending this money to me?
The word "Lending" is a bit depressing,
The term "scholarship fee" or "financial allowance"
would be more fitting.
What are you planning?
Planning? Planning?!
I'm very pure!
Lately, I've acquired a new realization.
Just how scary,
another's money can be.
So, you should just tell the truth.
You've been working so hard for such a long time.
I'm just being charitable.
Just trust me.
In fact,
I'm not lending it to you.
In fact,
In fact?
It's a deposit!
What you wrote for the Sungkyunkwan students is selling out very fast,
It's all because of that damned reputation of yours.
So you're saying,
That this isn't a loan,
but a deposit.
Which means, there's no interest.
Of course.
Have you told the Chakkwae yet? And keep your words to yourself.
{\a6}[Owner of lent money]
Master, I'm Soon Dol.
I've already made a promise, so I'll take this secret to my grave.
But Master,
Weren't you planning on taking revenge on that sissy?
Why are you still lending money to him?
It looks like I did it for nothing.
His Royal Highness personally admitted Lee Seon Joon.
There was someone who needed the toilet too at the examinations.
And they kept arguing with the King.
That Lee Seon Joon,
he's really quite something!
It was you right, the one who needed the toilet.
Yeah, how did you know?
He even pooped in his pants.
Get down, before I say it all out.
But who's that Kim Yoon Shik person?
The one with Lee Seon Joon.
Ah, Nok Bin Hong An
You know.
Cheat books,
The one that looks like a girl, th-that guy?
It may be,
a "guy".
Putting our master with that sissy in the same space.
Under the same building is just not acceptable.
No, it's not possible,
Just impossible.
Of course, we cannot live under the same roof.
What His Royal Highness says about the admission to Sungkyunkwan must be followed.
But the question is set by the head scholar which must also be followed.
{\a6}[Jang Eui: The head scholar, or school captain.]
Becoming a hero at the examination grounds.
He must be over the moon.
Including the Chief Officer, and now even His Royal Highness.
They're afraid not of Lee Seon Joon, but his father,
the Second State Councilor.
You did it!
We need to show them what the real Lee Seon Joon is like
and also...
Let them know what kind of a person I, Ha In Soo is.
At Sungkyunkwan, even His Royal Highness is under me.
And we need to educate them about this.
I am here to meet the Minister
Where is the money?
Yoon Shik.
I'm sorry Yoon Shik,
I feel so sorry to you.
Don't worry.
I am fine.
It's really good,
that I'm still able to do something for you.
I've never felt so calm ever in my whole life like today.
What a brave girl.
She actually managed to gather 100 nyang.
On your command,
we can immediately capture that girl-
Don't worry.
I'll see how long she can withstand it for.
A woman whom I have set my eyes on,
has never managed to escape my clutches.
I heard that at the Imperial Examination today,
you employed a substitute.
And more so, it was to test the King.
I am without wit,
I have allowed you to worry again.
From what you think, is His Royal Highness,
eligible, or not eligible?
I have decided to enter into Sungkyunkwan.
Up until now,
It's neither qualified nor not-qualified.
These too are my thoughts as your father.
As a senior who has entered into the government before you,
in my eyes,
the present you is neither qualified, nor not-qualified.
But, I will continue to observe you with patience.
Scholar Lee Seon Joon,
Congratulations to your admission into Sungkyunkwan.
I am sorry Mother.
And to board there as well?
Which means you'll need to share a dorm life with men?
This is not possible.
But, this is the King's orders, Mother.
I cannot refuse.
What did I tell you?
Didn't I say that studying is poison to you?
It's because I wanted to live as a human.
I do not want to be sold off to pay the debt.
If I entered into the Byung Pan's family,
no matter how glorious the house and clothes are.
My whole life,
will not be lived as a human,
but as a woman who is only worth 100 nyang.
I do not want to determine prices just because of others,
and sell myself out.
Compared to that, I'd rather go to Sungkyunkwan.
Yoon Hee.
Going to Sungkyunkwan,
will allow me to heal Yoon Shik with my own ability.
And I can improve on my craftsmanship
and we also receive allowances.
Compared to being oppressed everyday, and being taunted by everyone.
Instead, this other path
is one that makes me feel human, Mother.
Please allow Sister to go.
Do you know what it means if I allow her to attend Sungkyunkwan?
During that period, Yoon Shik, you,
you will not be able to use that name.
has spent her life on caring for me.
Please approve of it mother.
You say he's called Kim Yoon Shik right?
"Nok Bin Hong An"
{\a6}[T/N: Term used to describe a pretty face]
Having such a pretty face,
yet having the quality of a swan
He's an interesting fellow.
It's really been a while.
A genius that can make me so worked up,
Kim Yoon Shik and Lee Seon Joon
The lives of these two in Sungkyunkwan.
Don't you reckon it's worth anticipating?
I have begun to understand,
why, Your Highness,
has sent me to Sungkyunkwan.
What is this?
Being so clueless, I don't know how you're going to survive through this.
This is food for the Welcoming Ceremony.
Welcoming Ceremony?
It's the first time you will greet your seniors at Sungkyunkwan.
Any educated person will receive not only your food, but also your feelings.
So I prepared some.
Your hair...
Why did you do that?
Why to that extent...
Everytime I see your short hair.
This old mother of yours having her hair still up feels ashamed.
Yoon Hee,
I didn't send you there because you wanted to,
but because I wanted you to.
So if there's any punishment to be taken in the future,
it will be all on my account.
No matter who it is,
you cannot let them know that you're a girl.
Even if you feel humiliated, even if you feel angry,
you must withstand it, and have self pride.
What to do,
I feel so sorry to our Yoon Shik.
That's why you have to do even better.
Hey, Kim Yoon Shik.
You have to live up to this name.
Clothing alteration!
You need to follow the latest trends!
Helping you to alter your robes!
You need to follow the latest trends!
How are your clothes so pretty!
Here is Wine and Tea Area.
It's a place where you can drink wine and enjoy tea.
It also has a loyalty point system for Sungkyunkwan people.
Welcome on in!
Here is Wine and Tea Area.
Where are you going, where are you going?!
Where do you think you're going?!
You bastard, ruining others' businesses!
What? It's this guy again?
Wife, the salt, the salt!
You rascal!
If you drank the wine, then you should pay for it!
You have such a bad temper.
Why do you give me such a good appetizer only now?
He doesn't look bad, how's he like this?
Master, just show me.
Show me!
Master, don't be so stubborn anymore.
Look at the other scholars,
Their clothes are all neat and straight.
Looks so good.
Stop, when did I allow you to speak outright like this?
I'm sad...
I'll have to separate with you here.
It's as if I'm Chunhyang sending off Lee Mongryong,
My heart's breaking.
Oh my,
That, isn't that the pretty boy?
Student Kwang Bung Jua.
Student Jung Sung Min.
Student Kim Yoon Shik?
Namsan Village, 19 this year, family of Namin
Kim Yoon Shik,
Do you know me?
"Nok Bin Hong An"
Even though you're not as pretty as I expected,
but still, not bad.
Ah really, what nonsense are you saying?
Don't you look at the mirror?
In my whole life, I've only thought that my master stands out of the crowd.
But he's just too pretty!
If you didn't know,
they'll definitely think he's a girl.
Such insulting words, sounds like what 'someone' would say.
Soon Dol.
That's true, how can a girl enter Sungkyunkwan anyway?
It's not as if they're looking to die.
Soon Dol, just go back now.
Yes, I was planning to anyway.
Hey you!
Serve my master well, yeah?
What are you doing?
You should be doing the application for Lee Seon Joon first!
My my,
Welcome, welcome.
Coming all the way here must be tiring!
Come along, this way please.
I'll personally guide you.
Let's go, let's go.
Hey, you're here.
Ah, nice to meet you.
Looks like you know Lee Seon Joon.
Yeah well, I know that he's an arrogant person.
You know right?
The King's Second State Councilor (Jwasang)
You better not get on his bad side.
You'll get hurt.
It's okay.
I'm Bae Hae Won.
From the same middle school as Lee Seon Joon.
Confucius says:
"Have no friends not equal to yourself"
Don't acquaint yourself with unworthy people.
I do not plan to acquaint myself with you,
So I will not tell you my name nor which school I was from.
It's weird.
Do you not know me?
Writing the "Thousand Word Classic" at the age of two, starting primary school at the age of three,
Writing the "Dong Mong Seon Seup." when I was at the age of four, entering the Nanbu Seodang at the age of five,
{\a6}[T/N: Dong Mong Seon Seup -Name of a study material for children written in the Joseon Dynasty by Park Sae Moo]
becoming hot topic of the school,
That is I, Kim Woo Tak.
You really don't know?
[Jinsa Shigdang: Sungkyunkwan's Food Hall]
[Myeong Lyungdang: Sungkyunkwan's First Classroom]
[Jongyeong Ggag: Sungkyunkwan's Library]
{\a6}[Daesa Seong: Sungkyunkwan's highest Official, akin to a school principal]
{\a6} [Second middle room]
Before playing ball, I'm used to stretching like this.
Hey newbie, over here!
Me and the Jwasang are as close as brothers.
So you can also take me as your father.
No matter what happens, you can come to me anytime.
Sending his only son here,
The Jwasang must be worried sick.
If he knows how I feel,
the Councilor should be in peace.
Ah, I don't even know how to say this, ah really...
But I'll still say it.
If you don't like living in the dorm,
I'll give this room to you.
I will relay this to my father.
As expected, like father like son.
You think out everything so well.
That you claim to be a close friend of the Jwasang,
accepting bribes and permitting other's wants,
defying the King's orders to Sungkyunkwan.
I will relay it like that.
From this point onward, I reject all special treatment that you give me.
You want to receive the same treatment as others.
But have you thought that others may be inconvenienced because of you?
That is their problem.
If they find it hard and just give up easily,
how can you say that it's a principle?
The Jeonjae list is out.
It's the dorms.
Let me see...
Yoon Shik you are...
In the East Wing's second middle room.
But your roommate's a bit...
So, it's not a single room?
Didn't you know?
Talking about that, are you fine with it?
Lee Seon Joon...
No way.
Using a room with Lee Seon Joon.
Don't worry,
that won't happen.
Lee Seon Joon will definitely be allocated to the West Wing.
But it clearly says the second middle room in the East Wing here...
Even the King can't control the political factions.
Just a white sheet of paper doesn't mean much.
Lee Seon Joon is definitely going to be in the West Wing.
If it were me, I'd be worried about the other one more, Geol-oh.
I don't see anyone called Geol-oh on the list.
It means crazy horse.
If you don't know how crazy they are,
we just call them crazy horses.
Looking like bandits,
doing shameless things...
But you don't need to worry about them.
During my entire year here, I've never seen them sleep in the dorms.
Ah, you're in luck.
A newbie scholar getting a single room.
That, that's really good.
Is there a secret reason,
as to why you have to have a single room?
How can that be?
I'm a senior, Gu Yong Ha.
My nickname is Yeo-rim.
I'm Kim Yoon Shik.
I don't have a nickname yet.
A nickname...
You'll have one soon.
Why are you in this room?
I've been allocated to the second middle room.
No, The Noron should be in the West Wing.
This is the East Wing.
The room I've been allocated to is the second middle room.
But you're a Noron.
No one said that a Noron has to use the West Wing.
A rule, a rule...
I do not want to live in the same room with you at all!
I believe you think that way too.
Well, who was it that was criticizing Joseon,
you've already forgotten?
Letting go of beliefs and principles easily because of personal feelings...
How are you fit to be a scholar?
I do not wish to be with someone who isn't fit to be a scholar.
In the same room!
I feel the same way as you do,
but I will tolerate it.
Rules were made to be followed,
at all costs.
Then you tolerate it,
at any cost.
Who are these people?
You don't know?
The Welcoming Ceremony!
Please make them stop at once!
Right now!
What times are we in now, why still do such childish things?
True, it's a bit different too back then.
When I was a newbie, we used cow's blood.
And no one could avoid it.
Cow's blood?
How can cow's blood be used in the Welcoming Ceremony?
Us students were dunked in the toilets, and covered in yellow..
Anyway, after we were soaked,
we couldn't shower for ten days and three months
Hah! Seriously...
Then, are you part of the..
The Legendary "Golden Period of Sungkyunkwan"?
That is exactly me.
We're of the same period, the Golden Period.
Professor Yoo,
the perfect teacher to support Sungkyunkwan of this deregulation,
is exactly you, Professor Yoo.
Go and persuade the scholars!
If an accident occu-
If we hurt the Jwasang's son, Lee Seon Joon, then it'll be bad.
Quick to the point.
However, I do not want to stop them.
It is a tradition.
Traditions, are there to be held.
Quick to the point.
It is going to begin!
The ghouls gathered here, you new students listen well.
You useless ones,
with your little tricks and skills.
Have penetrated into the heaven of knowledge,
To wash off your sins of arrogance,
and become a new person.
You must first present to us delicacies of food.
Student Kim Woo Tak,
The beef I present, is fed and grown with precious green plums.
This I present to the Seniors.
Scholar Bae Hae Won.
Wolchu Mountain's watermelons, are so delicious that it even keeps the King awake.
This I present to the Seniors, please accept it.
Well who's this?
New student, Kim Yoon Shik.
I present this small gift to the Seniors.
You're quite clear...
A small, small gift.
Ones who don't know could be forgiven,
but the ones who do know, yet are like this,
it's not good.
Hurry up and scramble back!
Studying literature and searching for the truth is what a scholar should do right?
In the midst of all the books around you,
is there any one, that says you can throw food of a poor family's onto the ground?
Please answer.
If it's edible, then of course it may not be thrown.
If it's food for humans, it must be treated with respect.
You little rascal...
But well, this isn't food!
If it's not food,
Then what is it?
In your eyes, are these Seniors on the level of pigs and dogs?!
How dare you bring such dog food?!
You little... What are you doing?
The Seniors are correct.
This isn't food.
This is what the Seniors require during their day of appointment,
the hardships of the citizens.
So, please take it.
I-I-I'm of the upper class, how can I eat food that's been on the floor?
Take it away!
The upper class is now disgraced already.
But the rules of being a man, has not been disgraced.
Take it.
If you are neither a pig nor a dog,
then you should eat it.
Come on, come on.
Because it's the hardships of the citizens,
Everyone take a bite.
Don't worry.
Just like that.
It's just a taste.
It'll be bad if you get addicted to it.
Sungkyunkwan is a place of study because of the citizens,
if you do not agree to this,
then we new students,
will not recognize these Seniors.
Sungkyunkwan is a place to prepare for becoming an official.
A place to study the order of the world.
Who is strong,
and who is weak.
How the weak should stand up to the strong,
this is all studied here.
Let me teach you that clearly today.
Exactly how is he going to teach him?
It sounds like he wants to kick him out.
Lee Seon Joon's position was personally appointed by the King.
But it's because he can chase away these scholars,
that is why he is the head scholar of Sungkyunkwan.
During my stay here of 20 odd years,
being targeted by the head scholar and still being able to stay in Sungkyunkwan...
that has never happened before.
You need to follow the orders written.
The time limit is till midnight.
The ones who can successfully complete the mission
As head scholar, Ha In Soo,
a great award will be given.
However, the ones who do not complete the mission,
will be stripped nude, and thrown into the pond.
Also, to appoint members of the parliament later,
ones deemed incompetent to complete the King's tasks,
will be questioned according to the situation.
This is the tradition kept by Sungkyunkwan.
I, Ha In Soo and you people, have a duty to protect this tradition of Sungkyunkwan.
Listen well, you ghouls follow the orders properly.
Be successful as a Sungkyunkwan scholar.
If you want to be back by midnight, you'd better hurry up.
It looks like you haven't worked it out yet.
Don't you have anyone of your year to help you?
What are you trying to say?
Thank you, about just now.
He is the son of a military officer, and sounds quite powerful.
Maybe because I offended him publicly, I feel worried.
If it's that, then don't worry.
I didn't do it for anyone, but to protect my own principles.
If you speak just like Confucius all the time,
who would want to be with you?
Didn't you say to hurry if you wanted to get back by midnight?
If you don't want to be disqualified...
But, is it true?
If you don't pass the Welcoming Ceremony,
you'll be kicked out whether it was the King's orders or not?
Well, get along.
I'll take my time.
Because the moon is just so alluring.
If you're erased from the register,
you will hate the moon.
Did you say, erased from the register?
From that day, you will be removed off the register forever.
You can never again use the name Kim Yoon Shik to participate in the Imperial Examination.
I... have to go first.
"The Yeopo's lover is protected by the King of Flowers."
"Retrieve this lady's silk undergarment"
If the lover is referring to Cho Seon,
And if the King of Flowers is Moran...
Moran's prostitute, Cho Seon's silk undergarments?
"Hwa Joong Goon Ja is a lotus flower"
"Pick the lotus flower in fullest bloom."
How dare you!
Seducing an innocent lady.
How can you call yourself a gentleman?
Is it okay if I say it like that?
Everything else will follow on naturally.
Lady, just one more time?
He's here, he's here!
Lee Seon Joon is here!
Why do you hate him, Lee Seon Joon that much? We're all part of the Noron group.
Because of that.
If he was a Soron or Namin, then I would not be needed.
The elders themselves will take care of it.
That is why I hate politics.
It even makes the wine tasteless.
Must it be Cho Seon?
I want to go through that Kim Yoon Shik's cover thoroughly.
Have you ever heard of Cho Seon dating a man?
No matter how the crazy Ha In Soo tries to charm her.
Or the Yeorim Gu Yong Ha who comes and goes to brothels ever since he was born.
Both haven't even touched that woman's hand.
Don't you think it's worth anticipating?
How that guy who looks like a girl is faring at the moment.
Come on, take of the hat.
Please help me get Cho Seon.
Sir, that's saddening.
Only wanting Cho Seon, while we're on the sidelines.
Please don't do this.
Oh right, Master Yong Ha told us to serve you well.
The one to leave a bite mark on your chest can get a pure golden turtle too!
I'm here to see Cho Seon, Cho Seon!
Wait for 100 days, and see if Cho Seon will come and see you.
A Sungkyunkwan Scholar is here on orders of the Welcoming Ceremony?
Even though he's here in Moran,
the condition is to spend the night with you.
It looks like the pond, will have another innocent victim tonight.
That little youngster, can't even be named as a man.
have you forgotten
the reason why I'm here for?
Don't you want to see your family?
Even if you can reject the King,
you can't reject me.
What are you doing?!
Please be still.
Isn't that Cho Seon?
Isn't that the Military Officer? The Minister of Military Affairs?
You! What is this?!
Wait... You... You...
Who are you?
After you change and lie down, then I can blow out the candle.
I understand the reasoning behind this trap very well.
This is not the conduct of a gentleman.
Someone that is acknowledged by Cho Seon.
Isn't this the "Big Shot" Mister Kim Yoon Shik?
Here is Sungkyunkwan.
Sungkyunkwan where it's very hard to see a girl.
Why don't you disappear?!
Capture them!
Capturing the ones who attack us.
This is the history of us Noron, do not forget that.
Bottoms up for the first cup!
Don't miss any one of them!
From now on, your spot is here, forever.
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