DRUG WAR VS. AMERICANS! ( @JohnFugelsang /Caffeinated #8)

Uploaded by POLIPOP on 11.09.2012

So I was watching Fox News, cos I’m deep - when I came across that commercial for the
drug war.   You know it.
“If you buy drugs, even pot, your money may go to fund terrorists.” I  actually
thought it was hilarious when the government began  linking the war on drugs to the current
war on terror. You see, the Drug War as we know it began in that bastion of morality,
San Francisco, back in 1873. Back then, Chinese immigrants were the group we were all allowed
to hate.  Caucasian folks didn’t like the thought of good Christians going to smoke
in the opium dens of “the heathen Chinee.” . White people took opium as well, but they
usually ate it, or shot it up. You know, the wholesome way. So they passed a law taxing
imported smokable opium.   It was the first time the government used taxes not to raise
money, but to punish and control private behavior. The Drug war’s been around so long it seems
like it’s part of our heritage. But cannabis hemp was a major American crop from the earliest
colonial days. The US census of 1850 counted 8000 hemp plantations. Washington grew hemp
at Mount Vernon. Thomas Jefferson grew it at Monticello. Benjamin Franklin started a
colonial paper mill that made paper from hemp fiber. I’m not saying Ben ever smoked any
– I’m sure lots of perfectly sober guys fly kites during thunderstorms. And it’s
worth mentioning that from the 1600s to the 1800s, cannabis hemp was used as a currency.
In fact for over 200 years you could pay your taxes in cannabis hemp. I like to tell young
people that this is where we got the expression “joint return.” In 1996 the voters of
California approved a medical marijuana proposal. The Clinton White House put the kibosh on
it. George W. Bush and Barack Obama are also opposed to medical marijuana. Now all three
of these presidents have been highly selective at best about their drug histories – but
they’ve had no problem locking up others for the same things they did when they were
younger. The drug war violates civil liberties, privacy rights, rights against search and
seizure. It’s led to out of control crime, corrupted law enforcement & business officials,
and shown that the wealthy can get away with stuff the poor can’t. But we can’t stop.
You know why? We as a nation, a people, a tribe, are hooked. Like Caffeine, Oxycontin,
high fructose corn syrup – we are addicted. We know it doesn’t work – we can’t stop.
We know it’s too expensive and we can’t afford it – we can’t stop. There are two
types of people who keep repeating the same behaviors over and over. Addicts, and crazy
people. So we’d better hope we’re addicts. Because I don’t’ want to believe the country
we love could be this insane. And the good news is: if we are addicted, we can get treatment.
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