Fast kick training | How to develop hip strength for kicks

Uploaded by myosource on 17.03.2010

Speaker 1: It's even stretching hardly on you. There. There.
Speaker 2: I'd have to go higher because of me.
Speaker 1: Yeah. Do 10 of those. Speaker 3: Average normal people...
Speaker 1: Let me see do 10 like that. Here we go. Go up 10. Little slower, I think that's
too fast. One, two. Touch it.
Speaker 2: Yeah, that one's not going to happen. Speaker 1: Point your toes.
Speaker 4: Come on. You got to use your muscles. Speaker 1: One, two. You got two. That's good.
One. One, two. Speaker 2: Aww, that's it, [inaudible 00:00:32].
Speaker 1: He gets two. That's good. Two, three.
Speaker 2: Yeah, and that's... Speaker 4: You look really perfect.
Speaker 1: Knees up. When you do that, I wonder, come back over here real quick. When you do
that, can you bring the knee up and tap the middle, and then go back and tap. Bring your
knee up, tap, put your foot on top of it, and then down, yeah. But kind of like hop
side to side when you're doing it. I don't know if you can do it. Right, like
that. You feel that? That would be a good drill. Go in middle stance...
Speaker 5: You're actually helping your balance a little bit.
Speaker 2: You're actually in front kick position. Speaker 1: Right. Front kick, side-to-side,
exactly. You can actually get that knee out and chamber. You cap it in side kick. That
right there, and then do the other side. Bring the knee up, and then tap, side kick, and
then down, and then knee up and side kick, and then down. Do about 10 of those. You feel
that? Speaker 2: I felt it at three.
Speaker 1: You felt it at three. That's a good drill, right there.
You got to get higher too. Speaker 2: This is pulling against the pivot.
Speaker 1: Right, and then you side kick. That's a good drill.
Speaker 3: Then, you're getting the full range of motion.
Speaker 2: Exactly. Speaker 3: That's what I'm talking about.
Speaker 1: That's that full training motion. Speaker 3: That full range.
Speaker 1: Knees fold up. So we'll actually unhook these, and hook them to the other side,
it's almost, boom, you're knees feels like a feather. Make sure you drill with them.
Take them off and feel it, and you'll notice how much faster those muscles will be and
twitch muscles will be. ??