Cinderella 1947 USSR Eng Sub

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Lenfilm Studio, 1947
Screenplay: E. Schwartz
Directors: Nadezhda Kosheverova Mihail Shapiro
Cidrerella: Yanina Jeimo
Prince: A. Consovskiy
King: E. Garin
Step Mother: Faina Ranevskaya
Page-boy: Igor Klemenkov
Corporal: S. Filipov
"Cinderella" - an old fairytale,
which was written many centuries ago,
and since it lives and lives, and everybody's
telling it differently...
People of the Fairytale Kingdom! Hey, people of the Fairytale Kingdom!
This is me, Royal Herold!
Do you hear me?
Do I have a pleasant news to be told.
Everything is ready for the Ball at the Royal Palace!
Those, invited to the Ball, hey, invited to the Ball! Do not forget you are invited!
At the Ball, there is something amaizing will happen, for sure!
Because our Kingdom is a Fairytale Kingdom for a reason.
Come, don't forget, honestly,you'll not regret!
The king is up from 5 a.m.!
He wiped the dust from the main stairway personally!
Than, he paid a visit to the kitchen, had an argument with the Chef, gave up the throne,
but than, reconciled and now, he is running back and forth
on the Royal Driveway, checking if everything is OK.
Look, there he is!
Hi there, Royal Forester!
Hello, Your Majesty!
I was wondering for quite some time now
why is that you constantly shaking and looking back
all the time?
Is there a monster in my forest?
No, Your Magesty! There is no monster, for if it was - i'll kill him right away!
So, there may be a robbers in my forest?
No, Your Majesty, I would kick them out instantly!
Maybe, there is an evil wizard haunting you?
No, Your Majesty, I would defeat him long ago!
So, than what is it, that makes you fell this way?
My wife.
I swear.
You don't say!
I married an adorable woman, but she is also tough!
And they are pushing my buttons!
By "them" I mean my wife and her daughters from the first marriage.
For the third day in a row, they prepare for the Royal Ball
and they've exhausted us completely!
by "us" I mean - me and my own daughter, who became a servant
because of my weakness...
That's it! I'am done! I give up the throne!
For I'll be a monk!
If in my Kingdom, such a hartbreaking events are happening,
I'll live you all! Live as you wish!
Oh, shame on me! Shame on you, Forester!
Be quiet, Mylord. Be quiet!
If my wife hear that - I am doomed!
Don't judge me. My wife is not your average woman.
Her sibling sister, her lookalike,
was eaten by an Ogre!
He died from poisoning!
So, see how venomus their family are.
So, don't get angry with me...
OK, so be it! I'll remain on the throne!
Fetch my crown!
Do not forget, Forester, you shall come to my ball,
and bring your daughter, Cinderella, along!
Oh, Your Majesty, she is too little.
Oh, well than, as you wish.
But, keep in mind, that I'll have such a party,
that'll make you forget all your troubles and sorrow! Goodbye!
Old watch...
Fire rake...
Would you mind talking with me, my friends?
You know, what I was thinking?
Mother and sisters were invited to the Ball...
And I wasn't...
They'll dance with Prince...
But, he doesn't even heard about me...
They'll eat an ice cream...
And I will not.
And nobody in the world does not like ice cream as I do.
While polishing floors I've learned how to dance.
Suffering from undeserved insults, I've learn to think.
And listening to cat's purr, I've learned to sing.
And nobody knows that.
Unfair... Right?
Oh, how I wish people would notice me!
But I wish, they'll do this by themselves,
without me begging or bothering about it...
Because, I am so proud.
Will this ever happen?
Will I ever find joy and hapiness?
Well, this is terribly unhealthy to not go to the Ball
when you deserve it!
It'll get you sick, for sure!
Oh, how I wish happiness to come to me!
I am so tired to make myself presents for my Birthdays and
holidays, all the time!
Hey, good people, hey, good people! Where are you?
Good people, hey, good people...
Oh, well...
I'll cheer up myself with this -
when everybody's gone for the Ball
I'll run to the Palace Park
and will stay there, watching the party from the distance!
Dancing, huh?
I'd run off my feet preparing for the Royall Ball
I'am exhausted
and you are dancing?
And I am the one, caring for you way more, than
I care for my own daughters!
I pay no attention to them for months,
while on you I am picking up all day!
And where is your gratitude?
I am asking: where is your appreciation?
I know, you were planning to run away today, to see
the Palace Ball...
Not untill everybody'll leave, mother!
I am sure, nobody will need me than...
Follow me!
One, two... One, two, three...
Do you know, my dear babies,
what this useless vagabond did just now?
She danced!
Danced? While my cuffs is unsewed!
I sewed it long ago, sister!
You danced, while my collar isn't ironed?
Oh, no! I did this long ago!
Look, Mary-Ann, here it is!
She danced, not thinking how tired I am from preparations
to the Royall Ball!
Oh, I've maid some coffe to sustain you...
I'll bring it up right away!
Do not move, naughty girl!
She'll have answers for everything!
She'll do anything to drive us crazy!
You may not feedher, but let her argue!
Where is your father, ungrateful girl?
Where he is, this monster?
I saw him in the forest, near our house, mother.
What was he doing there?
He was speaking to the King.
To the King? To the King!
He was speaking to the King!
Why wouldn't you report this to me?!
Where are you?! You, venomous snake!
I am here, dear...
Where have you been?
In the forest.
What were you doing there?
Oh, I wanted to fight a rabid bear.
What for?
To relax from family matters, dear...
Look into my eyes.
Look into my eyes.
Is it true, you've talked to the King?
That is true, my dear wife.
And you've asked the King to raise your salary?
No, I've never thought of that.
But, you've asked the King to write my babies down in the Book
of the Kingdoms First Beauties?
No, how could I, dear?
So, than you've talked to the King and did not ask
for anything?
Oh, no! We're jus had a chitchat, as a friend would have.
You are a venomous snake!
Oh, miserable me!
He'll drive me nuts before the Ball!
Why do I have to do everything by myself?
I'd work like a horse,
I'll run around begging, bragging, asking
and accomplishing.
I have such connections - the King himself
will be jealous...
And this monster...
No! No, I decided!
I'll throw you out of your house!
And you'll die in the forest...
You'll be eaten by this rabid bear of yours...
No, no! Mother, don't! I beg you!
Look, what I've done!
This rose, I've maid from cloth leftovers... And it is as good,
as a real rose...
Disgusting flower!
Oh, what an ugliness...
Oh, what a low-taste....
You may pin it up to your ball gown - that'll be so beautiful...
But if you dislike it - I'll throw it out of the window!
No, give it to me!
Didn't you say it was ugly?
Didn't you say it was low-taste?
Oh, my dear little babies!
You shall not fight!
To stop this argument I'll take this flower for myself.
Does our ball gowns, which I ordered to you
to make overnight, ready?
Yes, mother.
Show them!
How distasteful...
Oh, what a low-taste...
Oh, yeah, Cinderella,
I recon you've wanted to go to the Royal Park
to stay under the Royal windows...
May I?
You may, dear. You may.
But first, you must clean all rooms,
wipe the floors, windows, paint ceilings, pull the weeds,
and plant seven roses under the windows...
sort out seven sacks of beans,
separate white ones from brown ones...
behold yourself...
And grind some coffe for a seven-week supply.
But i am not able to do this all in a month!
So, than you must hurry! Hurry-up, dear!
They call me Cinderella, because I spend my time
by the fire, in the kitchen, working my best,
cleaning the stove...
I am always in dust and cinder...
because I am so kind.
I'd sweat from work from dusk to dawn...
Anybody can boss me around...
and nobody will ever say: thank you....
Nobody wants to thank me...
I am hiding my sorrow...
I will not cry, I'll sing instead.
I am even smiling...
Is there any way I could be free from cinders and dirt?..
Is there any way?..
Hello, my dear goddaughter!
Dear Godmother!
You always come so unexpectedly!
Yes, I love doing so.
But, last time you came from the dark corner
behind the fireplace...
And today, you came from the thin air!
Yes, my dear, I am so creative.
You can not use to how I change, are you?
I am so delighted by you! I do love magic so much!
There was no magic yet.
It is because we, fairies, are so easily impressed,
that we will get younger or older so easy, just as you,
human, will blush or faint...
Sorrow will age us and joy will make us younger!
See, how I enjoy seing you!
I will not ask you, dear, how were you doing...
You was hurt today...
Twenty four times!
Twenty four times!
You deserved compliments today...
Three hundred and thirty three times!
And they've complimented you...
Not once!
I despise those, who will do nothing,
And adore those, who work hard.
I adore you, and despise your evil step-mother...
I could turn her into an ugly frog a while ago, but
the old hag has lot's of connections...
Let's talk about you.
Would you like to got to the Ball?
Yes, godmother, very much!
But, I can't...
Stop it! You will go!
It is very unhealthy not to go to the Ball,
when you deserve it!
But, I have so much work to do!
Today, you friends will work for you.
The weeds will be pulled by rabbits.
Beans will be sorted out by mouse.
Cats will grind the coffie!
And what about roses?
Roses? They'll grow by themselves!
Well, well...
Let the magic begin...
Oh, I love it so much!
Fetch me my magic stick!
First of all, let's get a pumpkin!
Thank you, dear godmother!
Wait, silly!
How can you ride a carriage without a horses?
Thank you, dear godmother!
Wait, silly girl!
How could you ride a carriage without a coach?
Miracles are not over yet!
In five minutes, you must bring the carriage to the doorway!
Can I go now, please?
Oh, my dear girl! You are such a child!
How can you go to the Ball in such clothes?
Is it me?
Yes, it is you.
You can trust my word!
I can see all people's souls,
even those, who I love so much!
And I can see clearly, that although dressed in a
lavish ball gown, you'll remain sweet and
hardworking girl you've always been...
And, please, stay that way,
this will bring you hapiness.
Now, go. I'll help you to the carriage.
Please, excuse me!
I am not a wizard, I am just an apprentice,
But, let me say something to you. Listen to me!
Let's hear what he has to say.
He is a good boy, excelent student,
he read much, he even writes his own poems!
So, speak, boy, we'll listen.
Dear Cinderella!
I've been watching all day how hard you work,
your hand are maid of gold!
You have amaizing patience, and you are very kind.
You doesn't know that,
but I've become your friend.
I am not a wizard yet, but let me say,
that friendship help us do real miracles!
Those are a crystal shoes.
And they'll bring you luck!
Because I wish it wit all my hart!
Here, take them!
Thank you, dear boy!
I'll never forget your kindness!
And now, keep in mind, dear, keep in mind
the most important thing.
You must return home at twelve o'klock sharp!
Oh, well...
At midnight, your new gown will transform to old
and worn-out clothes.
Horses will become mouse.
Coach will turn to a rat.
And your carriage will become a pumpkin again.
So, remember!
Alright! I'll remember.
Thank you, dear godmother!
Well, hello there!
At last!
Very nice to see you!
Let me introduce myself.
Oh, don't you bow!
Don't bow on these stairs - it is very dangerous!
Hello! Don't take off your gloves!
I am so glad you came!
Oh, Your Majesty! What a misfortune!
Your beautiful lace collar is torn at most noticable place!
Oh, horror! Oh, what a disgrace!
Why is my nobility did not report me on that!
Cowards! Liars! Hypicrites!
Ok, I am done! I am leaving!
I am living right now!
I will be a monk!
If my nobility behaive so bad...
Farewell, mylady!
No, no, Your Majesty!
How can you be upset with such little matter?
Shame on you.
Don't, please, don't.
I'll sew it right away - nobody will ever notice the difference!
Do you happen to have a needle and thread?
Of course, I do!
Here, I carry over.
Oh, so in that case... Ok, I'll stay on the throne.
Your Majesty...
Ok, sit that way, so I could sew.
Sit still. Don't turn.
I may pinch you.
You can not imagine, how happy I am that you're here.
I adore new, unknown guests!
Old friends are sure is a good thing.., but,
unfortunately, you know them so well...
For example - Cat in the boots. A very nice guy,
smart, but when he comes over, he'll take off
his boots
and sleep somwhere, near the fireplace...
He'll not run or jump with me...
Or take the Munchkin Boy...
He'll play hide and seek for money!
Who ever can find him?
Oh, what a pity!
And most important thing:
their tales are already known and played,
While you,
please beleive a Fairytale King,
You are on the verge of amaizing events!
Are you sure?
You have my Royal word!
So, this is it, finished.
It was not worth all the noise and fuss.
Oh, it's a miracle!
You can never say the difference.
Oh, you have...
Oh, you have...
a hands of gold!
And you speak so simple and sincere,
I am terribly happy you are here!
Come, come with me!
Write it down, mommy.
Prince looked at me three times...
Smiled - one time...
Three times...
Took a deep breath once...
He took a deep breath once.
Total of five!
And the King told me:
Very nice seeing you...
Ha-ha-ha - once.
Step away, step away it's blowing here -
Total: three times.
And why is that you writing it down, exactly?
Do not spoil our fun, monster!
He always grumpy...
Oh, waht a great Ball!
Five plus three... Total nine! Nine sighns of attention
from the Royal person.
And now, my babies, I'll manage to get you written
down in a Book of Kingdom's First Beauties!
Ten! Ten sighns of attention!
Prince! Son!
Look who is here!
Do you recognize her?
Who is she?
She is an Unknown Beauty.
Oh, what a smart boy!
That's right!
And why are you so pale?
Why are you so silent?
Your Majesty, I am mum, because I am speachless!
Don't listen to him!
He can do speaches! And poems! And compliments!
Please, come, I'll introduce you to my Court.
You probably tired from travelling such long way?
Oh, no, how could I. I rested while travelling...
Ladies and Gentlemans, let me introduce you
a girl, who never came here before.
Superficially sincere,
and magically sweet!
Let me introduce you to my Ministers.
And a Minister of Ball Dances - Marquis de Pa de Trua!
Your Majesty!
Your Majesty!
I know this girl!
This girl is...
This girl is...
A magical flower!
Oh, what a stunning compliment...
Will you recognize me as well?
How dare I?
We all will play Royal game of "Make a Wish"!
Nobody make a wish,
Nobody picks a wish...
Whatever King wants - everybody shall do!
First "Make a Wish" is yours!
How do you like it here, Mylady?
Very much, thank you!
Ah! So in that case, sing us something!
And dance, too!
Oh, well...
Ah, look, she'll not pretend...
Oh, what a sweet girl!
I'll sing you a song... a childish song...
magical, as well...
a little.
It will bring you into a good mood...
The song is called: "A kind Beatle".
Gather around, kids! Gather around!
There were a Beatle bug living once, everyboby's good old friend
He would never scream or shout, or fuss...
He'll just shake his wings, instead.
He'd forbid all fights!
Gather around, kids! Gather around!
You are my friend, and I am yours! Your good old friend!
We all fell in love with the old sweet Beatle.
He has such a good soul,
He is such a tease!
Gather around, kids! Gather around! Gather around!
You are my friend, and I am yours,
good old, faithful friend of yours!
Who is this old man?
The one, who dances without music?
Oh, that one?
He is the most kind of all wizards!
He is not able to refuse anybody's appeal.
Evil people will abuse his kindness so much,
he shut his ears with wax,
and now, he is not able to hear anybody's appeal.
But now, he can not hear music, as well.
Do, please, do so, that my daughters will be written down
in a Book of a Kingdom's First Beauties!
Hey, listen!
Your Majesty...
Excuse me.
The next "Make a Wish" is yours!
Do something... Something...
Good, something magical...
A miracle!
Pleasant for all, who's here!
Oh, that'll be easy, Your Majesty!
Oh, good than.
Don't be scared!
I am not!
I was expecting miracles from today's evening,
and here they are...
Oh, but where we are, anyway?
We are now at the Land of Magic.
And where are the others?
They are there, where they are most happy!
The Land of Magic is quite big.
But we are here for a short time...
A human can come here just for nine minutes
and ten seconds.
And not a second more...
Oh, what a pity.
Are you sad?
I don't know...
May I ask you a question?
Yes, sure.
A friend of mine, Prince as well,
fearless and brave,
he met a girl at the ball,
who he liked so much,
that he became so confused...
Can you advise him what he shall do?
What if he...
if he just think he likes her?
He knows for sure,
that he never felt this way before,
and will never able to feel this way again...
You are just like a dream,
or vision that will vanish unexpectedly
if I touch you awkwardly...
If I'll loose myself for a moment
and wake up in despair...
By words,
Or tears,
I'll do no harm to you, my angel,
but I truly hope, you'll understand how I feel...
But i truly hope, you'll understand how I feel.
Sweet.., kind..,
Unnown Beauty.
Your time is up!
Your time is up!
You must stop your conversation!
You must stop your conversation!
We are back from the Land of Magic.
I am not sure...
I guess not.
What do you think?
I think so too.
May I have the next dance, my beautiful lady?
I am sorry, marquis, but our dear guest
was already invited by me!
You know, Your Highness, I had those days,
i was so tired, I would dream and think I am sleeping!
But today, I feel so great,
that I would dance and wish to dance even more!
Ah, the Land of Magic!
How famous I was there!
How good the beauty salons are over there!
Oh, how amaising parfumes are over there!
Thank you! The vine we drank together in the Land of Magic,
in a magic pub, from a magical glass, was magically tastefull!
Can you guess, what I am thinking about?
Ah, you are thinking, how good it will be to eat an ice cream?
I am so ashamed, but you are right!
So, happiness came to me!
An hour... I have a whole hour...
and fifteen minutes.
An hour...
Dear Cinderella!
I must tel you
a very sad news...
Sad news?
Don't be upset, but the King has ordered to switch
all palace's watches back with one hour.
He wants the Ball to continue longer...
So, that means, I have no time left?
Almost none.
I beg you, don't be so sad...
I am not a wizard yet, I'am just an apprentice,
but I think, that everything will be just fine in the end.
The best ice cream in the world!
I picked it up by myself.
What's wrong with you?
Thank you, dear Prince!
Thank you for everything!
For your kindness.., caring.., for your politeness,
tenderness, kindness...
I heve never met anybody better than you...
Why are you talking to me like that... sad?
Because... Because I have to go!
No! No!
No, I can not let you go!
I mean it! I can't!
I made a decision... I was going to tell you
I love you, right after we finish eating ice cream...
What did I just said..?
Do not go... stay...
But I can't...
I am really not so silly, as I may seem to you...
It is because I like you so much..,
and you can not be mad at me for that!
Please, stay...
Please, forgive me...
I love you.
Look, my boy seems to have fun!
Dear Cinderella!
I wanted to cheer you up.
So I brought this ruby cup of ice cream...
Take it... make me a favour.
I'll return the cup back to the palace.
Thank you. Want some?
What happened?
Are you feeling ill?
I knew it!
Wow, wow, I am totally fine, Your Majesty!
Oh, what a shame!
You lie to your father!
Fourty portions of ice cream!
You'd stuffed!
Oh, what a shame!
Fourty ice creams!
Since the age of six, you'd never done such an abuse!
You freezed your stomach!
I did not touch the ice cream, father.
How is that so?
Oh, right, you didn't.
So, what is it with you than?
I fell in love, father.
Yes... Yes...
I fell in love with our sweet, kind unnown beautiful lady.
But she run away,
so fast, that this small crystal shoe
fell off her feet...
And was left lying on the stairs!
He is in love!
In love?
OK, I'am done! Damn it!
To the monastery I go!
You may live as you wish, without me!
Why it was not reported to me,
that you are not a child anymore?!
Father, I did tell you. I sang you a little song about it.
Did you?
Yes, I did.
Oh, well than...
I'll stay.
My dear boy,
fell in love!
Oh, what a joy!
There is nothing to be joyful about...
Oh, fiddle!
She does not love me.
That's nonsense! She'll fell... That is why she run away and
would not stay for dinner!
No, father!
I am hurt...
Than I'll find her by myself!
Hello! Hello!
Guards of the Magic Kingdom!
Can you hear me?!
Yes, we can hear you, Your Majesty!
Now, tell me, was there a young lady,
who passed through the Kingdom's Gates
in one shoe?!
Confirm the amount of shoes!
One! One shoe!
Was she blond or brunette?!
A blond! A blond!
How old is she?!
Approximately... sixteen!
Was she cute?!
Very! Very cute!
Aha! We see! No, we didn't see her! Any such girl!
Nobody has passed the Gates!
So, why would you ask me all the details, morons?!
Because, we were curious. Yes, we were curious!
Such a fools!
Do not let anybody out!
Shut the gates! Understood?!
Do you know, what love is?
My one and only son and heir... fell in love!
Seriously fell in love!
But, you see, what happened,
just when he told her about his feelings..,
she ran away!
Oh, that happens...
Do not interrupt me!
So, what we are going to do now?
We're going to run back and forth through the coutry,
with my minister, will look into a telescope,
and you will be seeking the girl,
with the help of this crystal shoe.
The one, whose feet will match the shoe, will be
the Prince's Bride!
Is it clear?
Sir, yes, sir!
And now, go to my Royal Treasury and get yourselves
a Seven-miles boots for speed.
And I order you to bring the girl here by the end of the day!
And now, march!
Forgive our manners!
It is well-known: you can not come to a lady
But, ladies must forgive us - those are Seven-mile boots.
Oh, I see...
Corporal, tell me, why would you wear them?
So we can catch a Prince's Bride!
But, with those boots - you have no idea,
how many girls we've already missed,
and much more of them was scared to death by those...
Let me try this shoe on your daughters.
Oh, please, please..!
Can you tell me, what size it is?
I have no idea.., but the one, who's feet
matches this shoe - will be the Prince's Bride!
Ah, than this shoe shall match one of my daughters
just fine!
Fetch the King!
Fetch the King!
I can assure you, the shoe is right size for one
of my daughters!
I'll be very obliged...
So... You get me?
I will make you rich!
Well, thank you for that,
but how can this be done without a try?
Two barrels of wine!
No, not without a try! Orders are orders!
Anna, Mary-Anna!
Come here!
Tuck fingers!
Come on, ugh..!
Tuck heel!
Is there other sizes, by any chanse?
No, there's none, mylady.
What are we going to do?
She have a hands of gold!
She can do anything!
We were fighting sometimes..,
but you shall not be angry with me,
for I've always wished you the best...
Now, you must pay me back with good.
You can do anything...
You have a golden hands.., golden hands!
Oh, dear mother...
Cinderella, you must put this shoe on...
If the shoe fit, Prince will marry her!
Mother... I can't.
Oh, Cinderella,
I beg you, please!
My sweet, little girl...
My beloved daughter...
But, I can't!
Cinderella, please, help! Please, help Anna!
Help Anna!
Go, say goodbye to your father!
I'll throw him out from his house!
You know my connections. He'll die on the scaffold!
He'll die in prison! He'll die in dungeon!
Hey, dear husband!
Oh, well... I... I'll try...
Congratulations, Anna!
Your Royal Highness...
Oh, now they'll see... in a Palace.
I'll bring my own rules!
Mary-Ann, don't cry!
King is a widow, I'll get you married, don't worry.
Oh, it's a shame, kingdom is too small for me! I have no room for
my antics! But, that's fixable - I'll fight my neighbors!
I can do that perfectly!
Up to the Palace, barefoot, after the Royal Mother-in-law, march!
I do not know, what happened to me...
I just fell in love...
And I left you behind..
I think, I gave you up forever...
I left you behind.
I gave up on you.
One step...
One move...
And there is no way back...
Happiness has vanished as a mirage...
And sorrow is in front of me...
Happiness has vanished as a mirage...
And sorrow is in front of me.
I do not know, what happened to me...
All I know, my kindness has ruined my life at the end...
All I know, my kindness just ruined my life...
Oh, did I scared you, my dear child?
Don't be afraid. I am not a villan, not an evil man...
I am just a Prince, an unhappy one...
I've been wondering around this forrest from dusk,
could not find a place to hide my sorrow...
Do you know, by any chance,
who was singing right now, here, in the forest?
Have you met anybody, by any chance?
I feel so sad... I never was so sad in my life!
I have to find someone..,
a girl..,
and ask her, why did she hurt me so much?
I can not see you face, but it seems to me,
that you are a kind person..,
help me.
Help me!
Stop! Stop!
I do not know...
I may go crazy...
But, wasn't it you singing here, now, in the forest?
I feel something familiar in the way you nod your head...
And your golden locks...
Now, show me your face.
Where are you?!
Where are you?!
Where are you?!
Answer me!
Answer me!
If there is an evil wizard, who cast a spell on you -
I'll kill him!
Or, if you are a poor, non noble girl -
it'll only make me happy, all princesses are big pretenders...
Or if you did not love me - I'll do so many great deeds, you'll
like me for that!
Answer me!
Say something!
Where you at?!
Where are you?!
Where are you?! Answer me!
Where she is?!
Where is my dear daughter?!
Here she is, Your Magesty!
My dearest in-law!
Oh, what a nonsense!
What nonsense?
Take a look at her feet, Your Majesty!
Why would I need to look at her feet,
when I can see her face? It is not her.
But, the shoe fit her perfectly!
Whatever, it is not her!
No, the King's word is worth of gold!
The crystal shoe fits her?
Fits her!
So, that means, she is the Prince's Bride!
You said so to your soldiers!
Right, soldiers?
Aha! They're mum!
So, yes, we've got a deal, my dearest in-law!
Damn it! What a mess it all became...
What shall we do, marquis?
Dance, Your Majesty, dance!
What is it with you, my dear?
You limp!
Hey, the shoe has ran away from you, my dear!
But, it is unbelievably small for your feet...
Which magician would manage to put this shoe on you?
This shoe is way small for your feet as well...
This proves nothing!
The Unknown Beauty also lost this shoe yesterday!
But, the Unknown Beauty lost it, because the shoe
was slightly loose on her feet.
I'll complain about you to the King!
I'll complain about the King!
You Majesty! He... He...
It's Okey, do not get angry, madame!
May be you happened to have another daughter?
Yes! We have!
I'll ask you not to laugh!
Who is that girl, Forester?
This is my daughter, Cinderella.
She is as kind, as I am!
To save me, she helped her sister, Anna, to wear the shoe!
And I did not knew nothing about it!
But, than I saw her crying in the forest.
Look, why...
The second one!
It is her!
It is her!
Prince! Prince!
Oh, what a fairytale smut!
I can not stay in this kingdom any longer!
And you... Little rat!
My little babies! Follow me!
And you, call yourself a King?!
Where he is? Where is the Prince?
His Highness ran away to fight his sorrow and
sadness, at 11 o'clok Palace time...
This is my fault!
Why wouldn't I speak to him back there, in the forest?!
And now, because of me, we will all parish...
Me. The King... And all kingdom!
Prince, my dear Prince! Where are you?!
He is here!
Oh, son!
I am not a wizard, I am just an apprentice,
but friendship helps us do a real magic!
Well done, boy!
You'll have an "A" from me on that!
Change your clothes, Cinderella!
Your wedding is coming soon.
You'll wed right away! Right away!
But, Cinderella would not tell me if she loves me, or not?
I do not like bothering people, when they need to be left alone!
So, my dear friends, we've managed to get to the happy ending!
Everybody's happy!
Except for the old hag, the Forester's wife.
But it's her own fault! You know, connections are fine,
but, you have to have a conscience!
When you'll be asked what you can actually do, can actually
And no connections will make your feet smaller, or your hart bigger,
or your hart faithful!
And boy-page will manage to find his happiness.
Prince will have a daughter, a Cinderella look-alike,
and boy will fall in love with her, when time is right,
And I'll be glad to marry him to my grand daughter!
Because I adore his beautiful soul,
his faithful hart,
his ability for affection.
I adore, adore so much, this magical feelings,
which would never, ever end!
Translation and subtitles by Varnahelloyall's youtube channel.