Black Jack TV - Full Episode 62 (Official & HQ with subtitles)

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I saw your image in the flower that is blossoming sorrowfully
I love rain, yet it felt frosty today
The season changed, the forest was colored,
The wind played a tune, memories gushed out
Gather the pieces of the moon, decorate the dream, and sleep
Even if I sprinkle the sand of time, I cannot return to the past
Those searching for the meaning of life are all travelers
I set my course on this endless journey
for the place beyond the thorny path....
The artist of life who produces miracles through his godlike scalpel skills.
The genius surgeon whom this era has yearned for.
Black Jack.
The Dog Thief
Originally "The Shoplifting Dog" by Tezuka Osamu.
I prepared lots of wonderful food to celebrate our wedding anniversary.
Pinoko, your cooking really is the best.
I'm such a lucky man.
Geez! You're destroying the image I had!
I'm trying to prepare you to be a good husband in the future!
Girls won't like it if you act like that!
This is boring.
Let's play something else.
Like what?
Astro Boy saves the Earth!
I'll play Astro and slay the evil space invaders!
I hate violence.
Such a lie.
Pinoko! Sharaku!
Ms. Wato.
Why are you playing so close to the fence?
Because... See?
Stand back!
You're not allowed to play baseball here.
I'll go complain.
Hey, you guys.
Stop playing baseball!
The smaller kids can't play here because of you!
Shut up!
So what?
Oh, a puppy.
We're only playing baseball!
It's coming this way.
But you aren't supposed to play baseball in this park.
None of the other kids can play because you're hoarding all the space.
You're in junior high; you should know better.
Shut up, you ugly hag!
What did you just call me?!
My pochette!
Give it back!
That's my pochette!
What's wrong?
That dog took Pinoko's pochette!
I'll get it back!
You guys should help too!
That sounds fun.
Let's go.
Wait up!
Wait, you thieving dog!
The puppy died.
It died!
It's still alive.
It's not my fault.
Let's get going!
Geez. They're such useless boys.
It's hurt badly.
It'll die unless we take it to a doctor.
A doctor?
That ringtone must be Pinoko.
Doc! Help!
What happened?
She was struck by a truck in front of the park!
She'll die if you don't come here now!
All right, Pinoko.
I'll be right there.
Doc, the puppy is...
Please save her!
Why didn't you tell me she was a dog first?
Remember? I'm not a veterinarian.
But you operated on that Iriomote wildcat the other day!
That's because it was an endangered species.
We should help this poor stray dog too.
But this dog stole something from you.
Why do we have to save a thieving dog?
But she was hit by a car because I was chasing her.
It'll be my fault if she dies!
I'll do it, so be quiet already!
I hope that dog will get well.
I'm sure she'll be fine under Dr. Black Jack's care.
Is this your bag?
Is something wrong?
It's a girl.
I see collar marks, so she must have been someone's pet.
Maybe the owner abandoned her for some reason.
Poor girl...
This will be difficult.
Looks like the broken rib is puncturing her lung.
She can't be healed?
Oh, she'll be fine.
But it'll take time for her to recover.
She'll be fine. Just stay outside.
That's it!
Dang you, Pinoko.
I'm right here.
What's up with all these decorations?!
I made the girl's bed all cute.
You're going to let that stray dog sleep on this bed?!
She is a girl, right?
Why would she sleep on my bed just because she's a girl?!
The wooden crate under the eaves is good enough for her!
Then all the decorations will go to waste...
Look at the dog in the rose garden. Bow-wow.
See the red bow on her head. Isn't she pretty?!
All done, Doc!
Dinner's ready, puppy.
Here you go.
She's such a lazy dog.
Hey, Doc...
Which one do you like better?
"Lovely" "Princess"
This dog is a princess?
What's so lovely about her?
Blockhead is good enough!
I don't want to call her Blockhead!
Hey, I have the perfect name for her.
It's Largo.
It's a musical term meaning "very slow."
I don't care what it means.
Let's call her Largo!
Your name's Largo from now on.
I have no intention of keeping her.
We're only letting her stay here until she heals.
We can't keep her?
I've always wanted a pet.
This is a medical facility.
We can't have a pet around.
Especially a thieving, little dog.
Here, Largo!
That's it, Largo.
Very well done.
But you have to go bye-bye when you get well.
So you can't keep Largo?
But I don't want to let her go.
Maybe she stole once, but she has lots of good things about her.
About that, we've found out something incredible.
Is something wrong?
I knocked this pot down when I was cleaning up there.
It would have been terrible if it fell on a kid.
Oh, my goodness!
We weren't hurt because Largo stole something from us.
Maybe she's second-sighted.
"Mysteries of the World"
They say animals have more acute senses than people.
I'll tell the doctor.
Maybe that will change his mind about keeping her.
So Largo stole my pochette so she could save us.
That's just absurd.
It happened by coincidence.
Anyway, just what is she doing?
She's cleaning.
Anyway, can you go buy me a newspaper?
There's an article I want to read.
I'll send Largo for it.
Here's the money.
Buy the newspaper and bring it back here, OK?
So when is the newspaper coming?
It's already been two days.
It's Largo!
She's back!
I was so worried!
Pinoko, don't let her inside!
And what is this?!
It's a newspaper from years ago!
Really, she's a useless, stupid dog!
It's turned out really badly.
Can you think of a way to keep her?
Did that dog get well?
He's my friend, King.
They're King Kong.
Don't get close to a dog like that.
You wouldn't want to catch any weird diseases.
Largo doesn't have any weird diseases!
This dog's amazing!
He takes the grand prize every time at the local contest.
I'm sure he'll win again tomorrow.
A contest?
It's not something your dog can do.
Let's get going!
Sheesh, those two!
They really make me angry!
The contest!
If Largo takes the grand prize at the contest,
Doctor will definitely change his mind about keeping her!
That's so cute!
And me too.
What are you doing?!
Largo, your chances are getting slimmer and slimmer.
If it keeps up like this, you'll have to go bye-bye as soon as you're well.
The contest tomorrow will be your last chance.
If we can win second place—if not the grand prize—
Doc might change his mind about keeping you.
Hey Doc, can we keep Largo if she wins third place or better?
Because I know she can't.
Yes, I'm looking forward to judging it again.
We came to cheer for her.
Sharaku! Ms. Wato!
Oh, I didn't know you came to events like this too.
It wasn't my choice.
She forced me to come here.
You seem to be doing well, Sharaku.
Hey you guys.
Did you come to watch the contest?
We're participating.
Why are you laughing?!
Your dog's participating in this contest?
Good luck getting the booby prize.
What's a booby prize?
It's given to the dog who got second to last place.
We're going to get started with the dog show, sponsored by the Bow-Wow School.
Largo! What are you doing?
Oh my...
Largo, do as you're told!
Where are you going?!
Somebody catch that dog!
Give it back!
Largo! Wait!
Today's dog show is canceled!
No way!
If she hadn't canceled the contest, I know Largo would've won third place.
I can't keep Largo?
Of course not.
She's got such bad habits that I might even chase her away before she's even healed!
Looks like we have a guest.
I'm the ambassador from the Republic of Kainan.
Thank you very much for saving our president the other day.
We came today to show how grateful the president is with this.
It's so pretty!
Can I really have this?
We'd be very pleased if you like it.
It's so pretty.
Put it away in the cabinet.
Largo! What are you doing?!
Wait! Largo!
Why you little scumbag!
Pinoko, see that?
This dog is a helpless thief!
You dummy!
Now, put it back where it belongs!
And get out of this house as soon as you do!
Do it now!
It's an earthquake!
A big one too!
Doc! The house is...
It's not safe in there!
But Largo is...
Between the dog's and your own life, which is more important?!
Doc, you dummy!
You still don't see it?!
If we had stayed inside, it would've been us!
Largo stole it so she could save us!
It's always been like that!
Largo's been stealing to save everyone!
Was I mistaken about Largo?
Where are you, Largo?!
Where are you, Largo?!
Doc, you dummy! Dummy! Dummy!
She died all because of you!
I'm sorry, Largo!
She's still breathing.
Pinoko, there's no time to cry.
Prepare for an operation right away.
Can she be healed?
I'll heal her no matter what it takes.
I won't let her die.
Hurry, Pinoko!
All ready!
Let's begin.
The patient's name is Largo.
She's the newest member of this family.
So I promise I'll save her.
Pinoko, scalpel.
I'm glad you got to keep Largo.
She saved our lives, after all.
But I have to keep my eyes on her so she won't bother the patients.
Anyway, Largo's so cool.
She's a psychic dog.
I know.
So I want to exploit her power.
"Raffle Ticket"
The grand prize is a pair of tickets to Hokkaido.
Largo, give me your best shot.
Winner! Winner!
We won!
See, missy? You won fourth prize.
She's no psychic.
Sure she is.
For Largo, the fourth prize, the package of steaks,
is much better than grand prize, the trip to Hokkaido.
You see?
Sheesh, Largo!
I love you, darling; If I can be united with you,
I couldn't be happier...
I wanted to see you forever
I'm laying on the grill,
being heated up by you,
so much that I change color
I dress up with sparkly grains of decorations
I love you, darling; Please love me more and more
I love you, darling; If I can be united with you,
I couldn't be happier
How does it taste?
It's a murder mystery.
There is a mysterious serial slasher in the forest.
And Black Jack is the prime suspect.
Find the truth behind the kamaitachi in the woodlands and catch who really did it!
Don't move, murderer!
I didn't kill the doctor.
Was the doctor in cahoots with those who did it?
Then you'll be the prey.
Black Jack.
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Pinoko's diary...
I'll heal her no matter what it takes.
I won't let her die.
Hurry, Pinoko!