El Camino Hospital: Day of Dance

Uploaded by ElCaminoHospital on 12.03.2010

>> Day of Dance is a great event because it's spirited
and it engages women in the more serious business
of heart disease in women.
Well, we have about 15 dance groups
that are both demonstrating
but then also the participants are very involved
which is really, really neat.
We have eight screenings for various things
like blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar,
and so forth, we have four lectures by physicians
at El Camino and we've got a series of prizes and raffles
and lots of fun things.
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>> The Day of Dance I think it's a wonderful opportunity
to get like screening.
>> I've done dancing and have had my weight and everything.
>> So the Day of Dance is a real collaborative effort
at El Camino Hospital, we have the Heart and Vascular Institute
that has been instituted in the last couple of years,
that was followed by a women's hospital
and we also have a South Asian heart program.
Well dance obviously has benefits in terms
of cardiovascular health because it raises the heart rate
and you're working the heart throughout
but it also has some additional benefits, it benefits balance,
it benefits bone health because it's weight bearing
and of course it burns calories and that all fits in.
>> After everyone has done their screenings there actually is an
opportunity for women to sit down with one
of our cardiologists and talk about their actual risk factors,
in addition to the fun exercise in dancing as well
as the heart health screenings we actually have lectures
by four of our cardiologists on a variety
of different topics including women and heart disease,
we have one on Mediterranean diet, one on stress
and meditation and how important that is.
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>> It's just amazing we were hoping to get 500 people
and we have over 1,000 people here today
so obviously we've struck a cord, women are interested
in their health and they're also interested in dance and movement
and really getting out there.
So what we want to do is make sure that everyone knows
that El Camino Hospital has sponsored this event
and we're hoping to sponsor it in years to come.
>> Day of Dance was moving,
it was spectacular, I really like it.
>> Yes, I came because I actually have had open heart
surgery and wanted to come and see what this was all about
and did learn a lot, did a little line dancing.
>> Day of Dance was great because it was motivating,
it was fun, I danced with my walker and my husband,
it was great and I'm grateful
to El Camino Hospital and the community.
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