S6 Episode 7: Perfect Match

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What people don't realise is that at the time, Rambo was pushed to violence
Like he wanted to find someone from his unit who was dead but
You don't know that when the film starts
And then he gets driven out of town by this fuck witted sheriff
Who tries to shave him, like, without foam
And he just goes mental. Like, he cant take it
Like, he escapes,
But then they chase after him in the helicopter
Can you believe that?
A fucking helicopter!
He just throws a bolder at it and thing just crashes
Just like totally falls out of the sky
And they chase him into the woods
And he totally anhialates them
With like booby traps and geurilla tactics and shit...
Oh yeh? Thats um great..
And then! he ends up in this cave
Like underground. And he has to fight off all these rats
And hes only got a torch. Like the ones you set fire to
Not the ones with like batteries and shit
I mean can you believe it?
No. Its pretty unbelievable
But then he ends up in the same town
Where they like, try to shave him. Like with no shaving cream
And he gets this, like, M60 machine gun and
Boov boov boov boov boov boov boov
Ok, Zoltan
I get it.
Rambo's one of the best films ever made
Probably the greatest film ever made by anyone
Ok. But can we please talk about something else?
Voted 253rd greatest film ever
Don't push it or I'll give you a war you won't believe
Let it go
Its a line from the movie. Stallone says it
Ok! Ok! Ok!
keep your shirt on, geez. ok your turn
So I've been thinking. You know how theres a long weekend coming up?
So maybe, we could go away together. Just you and me yeah?
I've been looking online and they've got these amazing deals in the Barossa Valley
You know, where you can do a winery tour, get a little B&B...
Just a minute, like,
You mean the long weekend coming up?
Starts on Friday
Yeh, all weekends start on Friday Zoltan
No can do bud. I'm working all weekend
Brendan an I are doing back to back shifts
But thats only at night yeah?
I mean you only start work at night so on Saturday,
Maybe we could go for a picnic down by the river
No no! That would be good. I could get some wine, some antipesto..
Just a minute like, you mean Saturday of the long weekend like..
During the day
Yeah yeah. Before you start work
Thats gunna be a bit of a problem Because...
I promised Brendan, ahem, that we might go to the gym together
Like, he wants to build up his forearms
And I've got this amazing routine to do with wrist curls
ngh ngh
ngh ngh ngh
What about, well what about Sunday?
Hey? May be Sunday we could go down to that market By the beach
Oh!You know, we couldstoll around, look at antiques...
Maybe we could try tea at the little cafe
No can do.
On Sunday I promised Brendan I'd give him a hand
He wants to improve his soccer skills a bit, and look, I was school boy champion
The whole two years I was at that secondary school
Are you fucking kidding me?
Nuh, one game I scored four goals
I could have been bigger than that homo Harry Kewel
I'm talking about Brendan. Jesus. Zoltan
If we're gunna be together you gotta make some time for me
Well, what about Monday? I mean Monday's still part of the long weekend
Maybe we could,
Stay in and watch every Rambo movie ever made?
You could tie me up and fuck me on the floor while 1st blood one two and three played
Would you like that?
Mmmm. Yeh I'm getting a chubby but
On Monday,
Brendan and I are watching the UFC
The marathon on Fox
Chuck Liddel
Best cage fighter ever
Zoltan. You gotta give me something here
Oh! That reminds me
I meant to give you this
What is it?
Its the thing I got from the clinic.
The nurse there said I had syphillis and gonhorrea
And she said I should tell everyone, who I've, you know
Done stuff with
I've told everyone else but I forgot about you
What the fuck?
Well you said you were into open relationships Darren
You said there was no problem
Well maybe now there is a problem
In that I've now maybe got gonhorrea and syphillis.
What the fuck. You're unbelievable
Really? Because um, Brendan..
Would you shut the fuck up about Brendan!
All you talk about is Brendan.
Brendan, Brendan, Brendan, Brendan! Jesus Christ its..
Hey Aaron. What's going on?
Hey Brendo, hows it hangeeen?
What the fuck are you doing here?
Oh Zolto and I are going to go to kickboxing practice. It's wild
Can you get this?
Um, I didn't realise time had gotten away from us
But, we were..
I want you to get this sex stuff sorted out.
That shit can be serious
Seeya later
You know you're my number one right?
Way to go soldier!
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