So You Think You Can Dance, Season 8 - Week 1, Top 20, Jason Gilkison

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CAITLYNN: This has been an amazing adventure.
It's been a little stressful this week just because my
partner got injured.
And then I went through different partners.
But then I ended up with Robert and Robert's amazing.

I hope Mitchell gets better fast but it was such a
privilege to get to work with Robert.
And it's just been so amazing to get to work with Sonya.
I've had an amazing time.
ASHLEY: It was a little nerve wracking at first, but when
they put us backstage to go onstage, all the nerves went
out the window.
It was just fun.
And it was excitement and all the energy from the crowd.
Everything together--
it was just unbelievable.
MIRANDA: It was amazing just seeing everyone who came out
for all of us.
And not only are they here, but there's viewers at home
watching us live.
It was the most real experience
I've ever been through.
WADI: The energy was so intense.
It was just like you could feel their voices
while you're on stage.
Not even just thinking about the people at home that were
probably in their chairs, screaming on
their couches and stuff.
It's an amazing feeling and it's a blessing
that we're all here.
And it's very humbling.
JESS: I'm still in shock now, that we're done, that we
finished our first live episode of the competition.
It's just like, what?
ALEXANDER: It's a kick in the butt.
It's a kick in the butt.
It's nothing that a live dancer is used to would ever
JASON GILKISON: It's such a surreal feeling.
These guys, they just throw themselves into rehearsal.
They're just 200% committed.
They're just so amazing and I'm in a very privileged
position to be working with them.
So I'm very lucky.
ROBERT ROLDAN: Actually, I was here.
I was helping out Travis.
And they called me I think yesterday to actually tell me
that I was actually dancing.
So I learned the whole routine in just three hours.
I was a little stressed out when they told me.
But as soon as I got in the room with Caitlynn, it just
became so natural.
She was such a great partner.
And she was so attentive and she's such a hard worker.
I'm talking about her like she's not here.
CAITLYNN: Thank you so much.
ROBERT ROLDAN: it just felt so natural to me,
dancing with her.
So it was really awesome.
It was a great experience.
So I really wasn't stressed out that much.
But I mean, she really helped me calm down my nerves.
JASON GILKISON: I think it's finding just the language that
they speak.
It's just finding how to communicate on their level.
You know, try to find the common denominator of how they
think in their own genre.
MISSY: I think that it still hasn't completely sunk in yet.
We've only been doing this a couple of weeks.
For us to be standing backstage and hear the So You
Think You Can Dance song, knowing that we're in the show
is just so weird for all of us, I think.
It's still sinking in.
CHRIS: Our days are definitely around 12 hour days.
Obviously, not all rehearsing, but we've got to go from stage
to a studio and then back to the apartment to try to catch
a catnap, just to come back to the studio and work again.
So they're really long days.
We work really hard to pull out a number.
ASHLEY: I want to do contemporary, of course.
I can't wait.
That would be amazing.
CHRIS: I want to do contemporary.
I really was hoping you were going to say that.
I really want to do contemporary.
Just look at all the contemporary
pieces this past week.
I want to grow like that.
And she's amazing, so why not?
WADI: With choreographers, I'm a big fan of all the
choreographers here.
But it's interesting, because they're all so humble and
they're all so nice that it's kind of like you're walking
into a room with other dancers.
And they're there to teach us and we're there
to learn from them.
So it's just cool.
It's not like we're all starstruck, and
falling on the ground.
It's just like, this is sweet.
We get to work with real professionals, people who know
what they're doing.
And it's teaching us so much.
IVETA: Honestly, the quick step is a card deal.
And if you make it look easy, people say oh, it looks so
light and easy.
It means you're doing a good job.
And that's what we heard from all the people.
They said, oh it looks so easy.
And we're both like, [PANTING]
RYAN: I'm excited to work with all of them.
I really want to work with Stacey Tookey.
I never worked with her before and I love her work.
RICKY: Oh, she's amazing.
NICK: That's my pick, her or Travis.
I love contemporary.
IVETA: I would say some ballroom choreographers, but
probably I won't get another ballroom number because I
already had two.
So I have to be ready for whichever number I will get.
RICKY: Travis Wall?
NICK: Tap.
IVETA: Actually, I really admire every single
choreographer, so I will be happy to
work with any of them.
Just watching them work and seeing their talent, how they
create the movements, and the storytelling.
It's unbelievable.
MIRANDA: When you grow up watching the show, you look at
them like celebrities.

And whenever you're working with them, they become your
support system.
And it's like your celebrity, your idol, who you look up to,
is your support system.
Because they want you to do good.
They want you to get positive feedback from the judges.
And it's amazing to have that in someone that you
look up to so much.
JESS: As Nigel says every time he says it with that British
accent, hip hop.
It's hip hop.
I don't know too much about hip hop, but I
love watching it.
I love learning about it.
So I think to have that chance and opportunity to do it, it
would be nerve wracking.
But I feel like I would be able to step up and
try to do my best.
ALEXANDER: Definitely ballroom is something
I'm excited to do.
But at the same time, I know there's a very big hat you
have to wear when you're wearing it to make sure that
it looks right.
And being a dancer of one style, you
have certain habits.
So we have Iveta, who's a championship ballroom dancer,
to do what she's been doing her whole life is pretty
But I'm very excited to do it.
ROBERT TAYLOR, JR.: Who would I--
I would like to work with Lil' C, because I've
never krumped before.
You know what I mean?
And I think I could tap into that a little bit easier than
I could tap into the jive.
You know what I'm saying?
So I would say that.
MIRANDA: Travis Wall, Nappy Tabs, and Sonya.
WADI: Yeah, Nappy Tabs, definitely.
And I haven't gotten to work with Jason yet.
I really want to work with Jason.
I know it's ballroom, but he's so awesome.
I don't know what it is.
MIRANDA: Jason's awesome.
MISSY: Wade Robson.
Oh my gosh, I am dying.
I would love to work with him.
I'm like obsessed with him, so bad.
I want to.
I always have.
CAITLYNN: I am probably most scared for ballroom.
Just because I haven't had very much experience in that
and I'm a jazz, contemporary dancer.
So that's what I'm most nervous for.
ROBERT ROLDAN: You can do it.
She'll be able to do it.
MIRANDA: I'm nervous about hip hop and all the wild cards
they throw out there, like the random polka and Tahiti dance,
and all that stuff.
I'm most scared for those, because those are just random.
JASON GILKISON: I mean, this is just week one.
I can't believe that we got the dancers to do what they
were doing tonight on week one.
That's just incredible.