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I have a few questions and inquiries that I would like to ask you sir and hope that you can accept them from me
First, regarding the economy. We all know that GDP Growth rate as the government claims is always around 8% or 9%
And we also read in the national newspapers also the GDP Growth rate and the rate of exports increased. Income from Suez Canal increased
But we, the people and ordinary individuals, don't feel any of these things
As an example, when I read opposition newspapers or independent ones like "Almasry Alyoum" I find different things entirely
And when I go down the streets, I find different things entirely.
Rate of poverty - 41 million citizens I can consider, according to the last report from Arab Organization for Human Development
...41 million Egyptians live below the poverty line
16 million Egyptians without shelter
Polio, as you have mentioned sir, has not finished yet in Egypt
Bird Flu which spread all over the world, settled in Egypt and Egypt now has the highest rate of disease
This is regarding the economy
In the social area, we as people.. It's known about us that we are very very connected to our land
The rate of immigration within the youth was low.
Now you can see that the immigration rate is very high. Any young people who wish to leave Egypt, don't return
And 90% of the youth seeking immigration, or 95% of them, do not wish to return when they leave
For a very simple reason, their salaries when they return here are not enough to live with.. not enough to feed them
I have a neighbor, a university professor.. a university professor runs after buses, runs after microbuses to find a seat
because he doesn't have any dignified way that can help him, as a university professor, to take him to his work
This is in regards to the social area
Second, also there's another thing... is that I, speaking as people not as an individual, the level of community is less.. much less
Sir, if you go downtown and asked any citizen: "Do you want to live in your country, or leave and live in another country?"
He would answer frankly and say that "I would like to live in another country"
For a simple reason, he doesn't have self security, because we have been under emergency law for 30 years
When are we going to feel truly that Egypt has become more secure.. means has laws and governance
I am not safe if I am walking down the street, anyone may capture me and arrest me according to emergency law
Regarding the political area and the parties Gamal: You want to...
Young man: It's only one last question, and I'm honestly happy that.. Gamal: And I'm happier
Young man: In the article 76 and 77 in the latest amendments to the constitution
Now, article 76 doesn't allow, officially, independents to go to the streets and attract people so one of them can become a president
We right now, Egyptian people overall, don't see in the picture but you.. who would be eligible to represent us as a president
I would like to see several individuals of those who can represent me and become a president
Also, regarding the article 77 Article 77 allows for a president to remain as a president for a long time
Why don't we reduce it to three periods of 4 years, or 2 period of 7 years
So that I as an individual, or any of the present people, can have ambitions to become a president one day, which is a legitimate right
And for sure, we can reach it one day if we reduced a lot the period of presidency from infinite periods to periods of 7 years or 4 years the majority of the world
One last question and believe me that's all God willing
Nowadays we see in the TV channels, the percentage of viewers to Channel 1 and 2 is much less
Today we watch other channels to get the news
Regarding the dish, we have so many Egyptians have left the Egyptian media and switched to the satellite channels
For a simple reason, is that we can't find what we need from the Egyptian media
We don't see the figures that talk about our issues in the Egyptian media
We don't see the opposition, since we are speaking about dialogue and dialogue is the solution to the problem
I don't find the people that talk about... like any any opposition figure, or any one from the Muslim Brothers
Karama party, Wasat party.. They never had the opportunity to be present in the streets
We don't see anyone but you in the Egyptian TV
We find them in the satellite channels, we could switch to the satellite channels
I say that this is my country, the best country in history, has a history of 7000 years
The west is still dazzled by the Egyptian civilization, as I am dazzled in my civilization
I dream that Egypt reaches a status that it truly deserves. I wish to see a product, just like I see a computer that says
.."Made in Malaysia", "Made in Taiwan" or "Made in Pakistan"
We were ahead of them thousands of years, now they are ahead of us hundreds of years
I dream that Egypt returns its status, and see in Egypt a car completely manufactured in Egypt
See a computer made in Egypt I think Egypt deserves to reach this status
Gamal: In summary, I am optimistic. I am optimistic although I know that there are the doubtful and the depressed
What happened in the past 5 years..