Vice President Biden Pays Respects at USS Arizona Memorial

Uploaded by whitehouse on 07.09.2011

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Speaker: Very good -- may I?
Vice President Joe Biden: Please.
Admiral Robert Willard: It was early in the morning, on a Sunday morning;
many of the crew were asleep, some of the crew were on watch,
but 1177 men were killed in the few --
Vice President Joe Biden: No way out because it sunk so --
Admiral Robert Willard: You know, many of them because there was no way out.
The ship went down so quickly.
We had other ships, the OKLAHOMA that I had mentioned earlier,
it capsized and took 500 or so men with her,
but ARIZONA had an unusually large crew compliment that,
as a consequence of the ship's destruction so quickly,
they were all lost.
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