HTC Sensation - Record in HD and watch it on the big screen

Uploaded by HTCShowMe on 23.06.2011

Do you know you can turn your phone into a Camcorder?
A 1080p, high-definition one, too!
To start recording, tap All Apps and select Camcorder.
You'll want to check your Settings to make sure that you're getting the best video quality.
Choose Full HD. Turn on stereo recording to capture sound with more depth.
Now tap the red button to start and you're ready to roll.
When you're done, just tap the red button again to stop recording.
Your friends crowding around your phone to check out the video? Why not share it on the big screen?
You need to make sure your phone and TV are connected to the same local WI-Fi network.
Check your TV's user guide to find out how.
Now sit back and enjoy the show with your friends.
Sensation also lets you trim your videos in a few simple steps.
From the playback screen, just tap the screen, and then tap here to trim the video so you only keep the part you want.
Slide the left and right markers to trim your movie so that you only keep the best moments.
Now your video is ready for prime time.
And if your friends aren't around, you can share your video on social networks like Facebook. Just tap Share.
Decide who you'd like to share with.
And then describe the scene.
That's it, you're done.
All ready for your film debut!